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5 Gifts That Can Save Money

Everyone loves to save money,  it is even better when you get a gift that will help you do that.  Here are five-holiday gift ideas that can save money.

Car Alarm5 Gifts That Can Save Money

If you have ever had a car stolen you know the cost attributed to dealing with it.  Not withstanding the issues of having to deal with the insurance to get it replaced, there is all of your personal items in the car.  While there are car thieves out there that will not be deterred by an alarm, the not so sophisticated thieves or joy riders will not have the skills or nerves to stick around.

Radar Detector

If you are buying for someone with a lead foot, a radar detector can save them some pretty substantial amounts of money.  By no means is this condoning speeding, of any kind.  The best way is to obey the speed limits and then this would not be needed.

Car Starter

No one liked to go out in the bitter cold to scrap their car windows and warm up their car.  While this is not an enviable task, it is better than getting a ticket for driving with an obscured window.

Aside from being able to avoid a potential ticket, being able to see out of all your windows exponentially increases your ability to drive safely.


Distracted driving is a major issue among Canadian drivers, surely you have seen the Public Service Announcements about it.  Besides it being a major reason in the rise in accidents, the ticket for distracted driving can be in the several hundreds of dollars.

Winter Tires

Winter tires are required, by law, in a couple Canadian provinces (British Columbia and Quebec). It is extremely possible that you could get a ticket or if in an accident be found at fault if you are not using winter tires.

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