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Did You Know – Auto Accidents In BC

We have all experienced the increase in traffic, that it now takes longer to get from point A to point B and that there are more auto accidents in BC .  We know that it is due to the increased number of cars on the road because we see that daily.

For all that we know due to what we can see there are always things we just would not know.


Auto Accidents In BC

With the increase reporting in the news it should not come as a surprise how many accidents involve wildlife.

Auto Accidents in BC

In our daily commute we are sure to have been stopped due to an accident and we have become aware of the high accident areas on our route.  Do you know what is the highest numbered accident area in BC?

Auto Accidents In BC


With the increase in population there comes an increase in traffic.  Is that increase responsible for the increase in auto accidents?


Auto Accidents In BC

The increase in cars on the road is not responsible for the most preventable type of auto accident.  Impaired driving claims 66 lives each year, though this is down from the 300 per year that we experienced before the counter attack road checks were starting in 1976, this number is still alarming.  Please do not drink and drive.

Auto Accidents In BC

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