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Roommate Agreement

Roommate agreement

A contract in which people living in a room or rental unit agree to terms, conditions, and responsibilities is called roommate agreement. You…
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How To Find A Roommate

How To Find A Roommate

How to find a roommate.  A roommate is the one with whom you share an apartment, dorm or condo. To select a roommate who…
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Insuring a Rental Suite

Insuring rental suites

Some people rent out a room or suite in their home to tenants.  This helps the homeowner with the monthly cost of a mortgage.…
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Prepare Outdoor Faucet for Winter

Preparing Outdoor Faucets for Winter

Preparing outdoor faucets for winter.  With the recent cold snap, you're going to need to turn off your outdoor faucets to prevent the…
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Prevent House Fire

Simple Ways To Prevent House Fires

House fires can occur due to many reasons like a short circuit, faulty electric appliance, using stoves carelessly, and many others.  Taking measures…
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Landlord Responsibilities

Landlords Responsibilities To Tenants

When you rent your property you have a responsibility to your tenants.  The relationship between a landlord and tenant is a symbiotic one. …
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Baseboard Heaters

Types Of Baseboard Heaters

Baseboard heaters one type of equipment used to heat rooms in a home.  There are two types of baseboard heaters – electrical and…
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Home Foundation Types

Types Of Home Foundations

There are several different types of home foundations.  The one that should be used depends on the type of soil on your land, frost…
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Find a tenant

Finding A Tenant

Some people build or purchase a house for the purpose of using it as a revenue stream. If you in the process of…
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Getting To Know Your Crawlspace

Getting to know your Crawlspace A crawlspace is a hollow area in a home that exists between the ground and the first floor. Its…
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