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First settled in 1870, Cloverdale is one of the most historic areas in Surrey and is renowned for its history of agriculture and transportation. Given its history, Cloverdale is also home to many heritage sites. While the town may now be part of Surrey’s growing urban sprawl, it retains much of its small town charm. So those who live in Cloverdale benefit from a quieter way of life while not being detached from the nearby conveniences of city life.


While it may be a quieter town, Cloverdale has been the backdrop for several famed film and TV productions. It was used as the “main street” and “downtown” sets of long-running series Smallville, which told the origins of Superman’s Clark Kent; as the backdrop for one of Coca-Cola’s Christmas commercials; and was also the backdrop for a couple of notable scenes for comedy film Hot Rod.


With such a diverse history and ever-growing population, the insurance needs of Cloverdale’s residents are both diverse and ever-growing, as well. That’s why AMC Insurance has an office located in the very heart of Cloverdale, and this is what we offer its residents.


Insurance should be affordable, no matter the cover you’re seeking. When researching insurance alone, it can be hard to determine which insurers are offering reason prices and which ones may be trying to rip you off. With our extensive expertise in the insurance industry, we can find you the policies that offer both good coverage and affordable premiums.


At AMC Insurance, we believe in constantly moving forward and innovating our business however possible. We achieve this by keeping our finger on the pulse on the insurance industry and how it changes, as well as taking on feedback and suggestions from our own clients. By staying ahead, we offer you better policy options.

Customized for You

A lot of insurance policies can include certain coverage that may not be relevant to you and end up adding more cost. On the other side of the coin, some policies may not include all the coverage you need, leaving you in a bad position. At AMC Insurance, we customize your coverage so nothing is left out and nothing pointless is left in.

Stress-Free Claims

AMC Insurance provides ongoing assistance to all of our clients – especially when it comes to filing insurance claims. The process can be complicated and overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time. But the claims process can turn truly stressful if your insurer happens to deny your claim. No matter what hurdles you’re facing, we will help you out.

AMC Loves Cloverdale

With an office located in the heart of Cloverdale, AMC Insurance’s team of insurance brokers are never far away. As part of our commitment to provide the residents of Cloverdale great insurance, our office is open 7 days a week – so if you work a 9 to 5 job on weekdays, you can easily visit us on the weekend.

Fast Claims Response

As our Cloverdale office is open 7 days a week, it means our claims adjusters can respond to any submitted claim efficiently. AMC Insurance aims to respond to all claims submissions within one business day. We also strongly encourage any client to call AMC Insurance toll free on 1-855-554-1767 to follow up on a claim.

Insurance Tailored to Your Needs

While insurance is an absolute must, it should not mean you have to put yourself in a financially sensitive situation just to pay for it. That’s why having policies tailored specifically to your needs is a step worth taking. You will get coverage that is actually relevant to you.

But why should you spend hours of your own valuable time researching a seemingly myriad number of insurers to get the right coverage? An experienced insurance brokerage such as AMC Insurance can do all of this for you. We’ll find out what you need, we’ll compare policies across multiple insurance providers, and we’ll present you with the best options based on coverage and price.

Enjoy your free time with friends and family; not reading through page after page of confusing policy offers. With 8 offices throughout Metro Vancouver, an AMC Insurance broker is never far away.

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