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First settled in 1870, Cloverdale is one of the most historic areas in Surrey and is renowned for its history of agriculture and transportation. Given its history, Cloverdale is also home to many heritage sites. While the town may now be part of Surrey’s growing urban sprawl, it retains much of its small town charm. So those who live in Cloverdale benefit from a quieter way of life while not being detached from the nearby conveniences of city life.  AMC Insurance has all your Cloverdale Insurance needs in one stop.


While it may be a quieter town, Cloverdale has been the backdrop for several famed film and TV productions. It was used as the “main street” and “downtown” sets of long-running series Smallville, which told the origins of Superman’s Clark Kent; as the backdrop for one of Coca-Cola’s Christmas commercials; and was also the backdrop for a couple of notable scenes for comedy film Hot Rod.


With such a diverse history and ever-growing population, the insurance needs of Cloverdale’s residents are both diverse and ever-growing, as well. That’s why AMC Cloverdale Insurance has an office located in the very heart of Cloverdale, and this is what we offer its residents.