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Commercial Insurance for Buildings

Commercial insurance is necessary for all businesses

As the owner of a commercial building you have a substantial investment to protect.

Our companies will provide the best insurance coverage for the damage to your building. This may also include any loss of rental income, business contents and liability protection for your premises. We represent the largest insurance companies in BC.

Course of Construction

You may be a large developer or builder with projects of various types and size or planning on building your own home.

Our agents break ground, to the time of completion.
Construction policies insure the structure and its components and liability insurance for the premises.

A customized package for each project will provide coverage for:

  • Construction material in transit
  • Tools and equipment in use
  • Wrap up commercial general liability which is highly recommend for larger commercial projects


From construction trades to cleaners repair, all contractors need insurance protection.

We can arrange coverage to provide the protection for your business needs. We will provide coverage that can include your tools, stock, office equipment and materials. Most importantly, we can provide liability coverage for your products and completed operations.

Restaurants and Pubs

Our companies provide complete package policies for your business. We can customize it  to your specific needs.Our business insurance experts can customize   to protect your investment from losses incurred from property damage, loss of earnings, theft, liability and unexpected repairs to your machinery or boiler.

In the world of insurance, finding an affordable insurance provider which also offers good coverage is not an easy task. If you are looking for home insurance, car insurance, life insurance or health insurance, we have the information you need to help you make the right choice.