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Be protected in the work place with commercial liability insurance

By the nature of their work, contractors have a number of unique risks that they face. Contractors typically have transportation as part of their daily work – transporting tools,equipment, employees and supplies to and from, and between job sites. Equipment and supplies are often stored both off and on-site. In order to even bid on some jobs, or certainly in order to win them, various bonds are often required.

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A variety of types of liability insurance are required, in the event that any of a number of things don’t go as well as they should and someone or something else incurs a loss. The specific types of insurance or related assistance that contractors need include:

Bonds of various types including:

Pre-qualification letters

Bid bonds

Contractors surety bonds

Other Important Insurance Products:

Commercial general liability, and extensions to umbrella liability

Design/build errors and omissions

Builder’s risk, while work is in progress

Rented contractors equipment

Fleet coverage for the various vehicles

Certificates of insurance, delivered expeditiously on request

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