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Coquitlam is one of the largest cities that help make up the entirety of Metro Vancouver. Surrounded by beautiful rivers, lakes, and mountains, Coquitlam is characterised by its open green spaces and plentiful cultural attractions. Given it is situated closely to Vancouver and other parts of Metro Vancouver, it shares similar weather – nice, temperate summers and milder winters than most other parts of Canada.


With two offices located within Coquitlam, one in Burquitlam and one in Eagle Ridge, AMC Coquitlam Insurance has a strong presence and involvement within the Coquitlam area and with its locals. As a passionate insurance broker, we strive to provide all Coquitlam-based clients with the very best insurance options possible. No matter if you’re seeking insurance for your car, for your home, for your business or for your family, we are here to help you.


No matter how extensive of a policy you’re seeking, you don’t necessarily need to pay higher premiums. With so many insurers out there, finding the one that offers you good coverage at a fair price can be hard on your own. That’s why AMC Insurance takes the initiative to handle this research for you - so you can relax in the meantime.


Innovation is key to consistently improving the insurance industry. In support of this endeavour, AMC Insurance keeps up with the latest trends and changes, as well as taking on the suggestions and feedback of current and past clients. That way, we provide you with the best and most efficient insurance solutions.

Customized for You

With the help of an AMC Insurance broker, we can provide you with the policies that are the perfect fit for you. After all, every business and everyone is different, so why would your insurance be any different? We account for your budget and the cover you need, and combine them into the perfect package.

Stress-Free Claims

Along with finding you the best insurance, AMC’s insurance brokers also provide ongoing help with submitting claims and even helping you if an insurance provider denies your claim. It is our promise to you that all steps of the insurance process be stress-free, including making claims.

AMC Loves Coquitlam

With two offices in Coquitlam, AMC Insurance has a strong presence in the beautiful city of Coquitlam. We believe in an approach that ensures locals receive the best policies suited to them. So no matter if you live or run a business in Coquitlam (or both), we are ready to help.

Fast Claims Response

When it comes time to make a claim, you can rest assured that we’ll be in contact soon. At the very moment you make a claim, a claims adjuster will be in touch within one business day. With AMC Insurance, your claims are taken care of with efficiency and care.

Insurance Tailored to Your Needs

It's not always easy to determine what's the right kind of insurance policy for you. With the help of AMC Insurance, you can rest assured that you are getting the best insurance for your commercial property, residential property, car, or any other type of possession. We source policies from some of Canada's most reputable insurance providers, which means you get insurance that offers great coverage at an even greater price. There is no need to pay a large amount of money when we can find you a policy that matches your needs - both coverage and cost-wise.

One of the things that makes AMC Insurance special is the fact that we are constantly monitoring the insurance market and all the trends that emerge within the industry. We utilize these trends and the operational evolution of the industry to help our clients get the very best possible insurance cover available.

If you live in Coquitlam and are in the market for insurance, then don't hesitate to get in contact with AMC Insurance Coquitlam today.

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