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Commercial Insurance

Fleet Insurance

If you run a business that requires frequent transportation of cargo, you need to ensure those items are insured. Protect your fleet and the cargo being carried with our policies.

Cargo Insurance

No matter the size of your cargo or hot it is transported, our insurance policies are designed to provide financial protection from damage or theft while in transit.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is essential for business owners. If you are liable for personal injury or property damage, you need an insurance policy that protects you financially.

Business Interruption Insurance

Commercial business owners face a wide range of unique risks, including interruption of daily operations. Our policies provide financial compensation when your business is interrupted for a covered peril.

Get the Best Commercial Insurance Coverage with AMC Insurance

Whatever the nature of your business, no matter how big or small it may be, commercial insurance is vital across all professional industries. At AMC Insurance, we’re invested in helping businesses and companies of all sizes get the coverage they need at the most affordable price possible. With our commercial policies, you’ll never have to sacrifice coverage for affordability.  

AMC commercial insurance brokers are here to protect your business if you offer professional services, run a retail shop, or own a construction or contracting business.

Commercial insurance AMC Insurance

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Get the Commercial Insurance You Need with Our Experts

At AMC Insurance, we offer various coverage options to adequately insure your commercial business and property. We aim to provide customized solutions to all types of commercial companies. Our most popular coverage options include:

Choose AMC Insurance Brokers for Your Commercial Insurance

When you choose AMC, you’re choosing a team of professionals who work for you. We do the legwork to find you the best insurance coverage at a price that fits your budget. Don’t wait to call! Contact us today to speak with a broker about commercial protection that’s right for you. Get commercial insurance that is:


Our agents have an extensive professional network that gives us access to the best commercial insurance rates on the market.


We’re committed to finding you the right policy for your needs. We work hard to save you money without sacrificing the quality of your policy.


At AMC, we understand how much your business mean to you. Our policies protect you financially and give you the peace of mind you deserve.


How Much Commercial Insurance Do I Need?

How much commercial insurance you require will depend on a number of factors pertaining to your business. An AMC Insurance commercial insurance advisor can help you assess the required coverage.

How Much Does Commercial Insurance Cost?

The cost of commercial insurance varies based on the gross revenues of your business and the risk and the limits of your insurance. Additional coverages can be added to a commercial insurance package, such as a tools floater and cyber insurance. These coverages increase your premium rates but expand coverage and reduce risk.

Why Should I Buy Commercial Insurance?

Commercial insurance can protect the financial stability of your business should a liability claim arise against you. A policy can also include coverage for buildings, contents, loss of commercial income, and other protection.

What Does Commercial Insurance Cover?

Commercial insurance can be completely customized to cover all of your company’s exposures.

Do I Need Commercial Insurance for My Home-Based Business?

If you have a home-based business, you should have liability and coverage for your commercial personal property at the least. You may be able to add this coverage to your home insurance policy. Contact your AMC Insurance broker to learn more.

Ready to Protect Your Business with Affordable Insurance Coverage?

Get started today! Our agents are waiting to help you explore your insurance coverage options.


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