Finding the time to get the right marine and boat insurance, however, is another story altogether. While BC may traditionally run at a slower pace than its eastern counterparts, researching and choosing an ideal insurance policy for your boat is still time-consuming. That’s where AMC Insurance Broker comes in. We save you time by taking care of your insurance needs you.

Whatever insurance you’re considering, we will find the best options available to you. Our Marine & Boat Insurance is highly flexible, offering you a range of extra coverage that lets you customize the level of protection that’s appropriate for you and your pleasure-craft. Whether our clients are looking to insure a small run-about, a mid-sized sailboat, or a large luxury yacht, they all want the same thing; an insurance policy that provides the best coverage at the most reasonable premium.

Insurance for your boat is different than insuring your car or even your house, as the policies available vary vastly, as do the prices. As your Marine and Boat Insurance Broker, our role is to determine how you use your boat and what risks you will be subjected to. After that, we find the best possible marine insurance policy at the best possible price. We have access to leading marine insurers in the province and know the ins and outs of the various policy wordings, fair pricing and in the event of a claim, what type of support will best serve you from beginning to end.

Working with multiple Underwriters allows us to find the right fit for you. As a boat owner, your goal is to steer clear from making a claim. However, if you have to, the last thing you want is to discover a small print exclusion that leaves you paying out of pocket. Let us read the fine print and create a package that will anchor you and your boat to safety.

What you need to do! 

Your marine insurance decision is crucial; take the time to get educated and understand the coverage you are paying for. We would be happy to provide you with a side by side comparison of your current policy and the AMC Insurance policy. Ask us for a quote and comparison, and then you can make the right decision. We are confident you will see the benefits of our policy.

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