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Situated on the east coast of Vancouver Island and north of the province’s capital Victoria, Nanaimo is a well-known and much loved city in BC. Little has to be said of where Nanaimo bars come from, but the city is known for far more than just its delicious, chocolatey treat. For example, did you know that Nanaimo has had four different but distinct Chinatowns throughout its history?

Along with forestry, Nanaimo’s economy is bolstered by provincial government roles, as well as service, retail, and tourism. The technology sector has grown in prominence in recent years. Still, given its more modest population (sitting at around 90,000) and a less competitive housing market, buying a home in Nanaimo is substantially cheaper than Vancouver’s million dollar-plus market.

With Nanaimo growing and evolving as the years progress, insurance is continuously growing in importance. No matter your insurance needs, be they personal or professional, AMC Insurance can help.

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