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Affectionately known as the Royal City, New Westminster is a historically important city and one of the only ones within the Metro Vancouver region to stand as a more confined space, with a total land area of no more than 15.3 square kilometres. As a point of comparison, across the river the city of Surrey has a land area of 316.41 square kilometres.


The name for New Westminster was chosen by Queen Victoria, with the name being a reference to Westminster in London. As a result, it earned the aforementioned nickname of the Royal City. For a period of time, New Westminster was also chosen as the capital of British Columbia. However, once the islands became a part of the province, the capital was relocated to Victoria on Vancouver Island.


While New Westminster may be a smaller part of Vancouver’s ever-growing Metro region, the city is a powerful economic contributor and a beautiful place for anyone to visit or live. But no matter whether you already live there or are considering the move, insuring your livelihood is key – and this is where AMC Insurance can help.


With insurance being such a critical necessity in many people’s lives, it’s important that it is actually affordable. At AMC Insurance, we have built working relationships with Canada’s most reputable and competitive insurance providers. That means the insurance you receive is comprehensive and cost effective.


In order for any industry to change for the better, positive innovation needs to take a constant and important role. We believe in innovation, keeping our ear to the ground regarding industry trends, and improving what we offer by taking on the feedback and suggestions offered to us by our invaluable clients.

Customized for You

An insurance policy should be a reflection of you. It should cater to the exact coverage you need, without adding on expensive extras or taking away key components. Given our strong partnerships with many Canadian insurers, we can customize your coverage entirely. So no matter what you need, you’ll be covered.

Stress-Free Claims

Making an insurance claim should not be something you dread or feel anxious about. After all, the reason you have insurance is so that you can make claims and receive financial support when you need it most. That’s why AMC Insurance is devoted to helping every single one of our clients navigate the claims process.

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With 7 offices throughout the lower mainland, we understand the needs of New Westminster. Whether you need to insure your business, your car, your home, or yourself, we can help you. All of our offices are open 7 days a week, and our friendly staff are happy to answer your call.

Fast Claims Response

Along with helping you navigate the claims process, AMC Insurance is also devoted to ensuring the process is quick. Once you submit a claim to us, it is our aim to have a claims adjuster respond to you within one business day. If for any reason there is a delay, we’re easily reachable every day.

Insurance Tailored to Your Needs

Insurance can be confusing at the best of times, and deciding which coverage is best for you or your business is often a tough call. As an insurance broker, AMC Insurance takes this burden off of your shoulders. We do all the research, all the heavy lifting, and present you with the very best policy options to choose from.

With decades of experience backing us up, we understand the industry in and out. And because we do, we can tell you exactly what a policy offers you without any of the industry jargon. Enjoy your precious free time with those you love, not researching policy after policy. At AMC Insurance, we make insurance simple, comprehensive, and affordable.

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