AMC Insurance can find you the best optional private auto insurance for greater vehicular protection.

Optional Private Auto Insurance

As an official Autoplan broker, AMC Insurance is already your go-to solution for all of your fundamental auto insurance needs. But along the mandatory coverage of Autoplan and its optional extras, we can also provide you with private auto insurance. We work with BC's largest, oldest and most reputable private auto insurance provider, Family Insurance Solutions. That way, if you want to get extra cover from an insurer rather than ICBC, you can.

With private auto insurance through Family Insurance Solutions and Intact Insurance, you can expect coverage for the following:

Extended Liability

Extended liability increases the limit to which you are covered in the event you cause a crash and other motorists make claims against you for damages to their vehicles or for injuries they sustain as a result.

Excess Underinsured Motorist

Basic underinsured motorist coverage protects you if you're involved in a crash made by another motorist, but they cannot cover the entirety of the claims you make against them. With excess underinsurance motorist coverage, the limit to which you're covered if they can't pay out your claim is increased.


Collision coverage will provide you with financial cover for the repair and replacement costs of your vehicle, even if the crash that caused the damage was your fault. Along with repairs and/or replacement, collision coverage may also cover costs for towing and vehicle storage, if necessary.

The premiums or deductible you pay with collision coverage can depend heavily on your driver history. If you have a history of at-fault collisions, premiums and the deductible will typically be higher, whereas they will be notably lower if you have an exemplary driver history.

Comprehensive Cover or Specified Perils

You can choose to cover your vehicle for other risks beyond on-road collisions with comprehensive coverage or specified perils. Comprehensive covers a wider range of perils, but costs more. Specified perils focus on the most common perils and causes of vehicular damage, and tends to cost less.

  • Theft (comprehensive and specified perils)
  • Vandalism (comprehensive)
  • Fire, earthquakes, and explosions (comprehensive and specified perils)
  • Falling or flying objects – for example, rocks or gravel that hit your windshield (comprehensive)
  • Damage if you hit a domestic or wild animal (comprehensive)
  • Weather conditions that include lightning, windstorms, hail, rising waters (comprehensive and specified perils)

Limited Depreciation

Available to all drivers, limited depreciation covers you both in the event your new vehicle is need of repairs or has to be replaced. If your vehicle is written off, the policy will provide you with either a) a new vehicle of the same year, or b) a payout of the original purchase price/suggested retail price at the time of purchase - whichever is less. If your vehicle can be repaired, new parts of similar kind and quality to those originally in your vehicle will be used.

Replacement Cost

Replacement cost, as with limited depreciation coverage, is primarily for new vehicle owners. If your vehicle is damaged or written off, replacement coverage typically offers the following:

  • New parts from the original manufacturer (if possible) if your vehicle can be repaired after a crash
  • Protection from depreciation and inflation if your vehicle has to be written off
  • A choice to replace your vehicle, or to get a cash payout

Along with all of the above, the private auto insurance on offer also includes roadside assistance and other VIP perks, ensuring you'll never be left in a bad situation should your vehicle break down. To find out more, get in contact with AMC Insurance today.

Finding an affordable insurance provider who also offers good coverage is often a tough task. If you are looking for auto insurance, home insurance, commercial insurance, or life/health insurance, we can help you make the right choice.