Renting? Look after yourself and your belongings through AMC's Tenant Insurance.

Tenant Insurance

Do I need tenant insurance?

Depending on where you rent, you may need tenant insurance to better protect your place and your personal belongings. An AMC Insurance broker can help you to obtain the tenant insurance policy that is right for you and your budget. We will put together a policy that covers the bare essentials, or a more comprehensive policy that may account for such perils as Earthquake and/or Mysterious Disappearance to cover your contents and give you peace of mind if a disaster strikes.

Contents Coverage

Contents coverage provides you with financial protection the event any of your personal belongings within your property are damaged, destroyed, or stolen. Be sure to constantly review the value of your belongings, as your coverage should be revised if there are substantial increases or decreases to the value or number of belongings.

Liability Coverage

As with liability coverage typically included in a home insurance policy, this coverage provides you with financial protection in the event a third-party holds you liable for damages or injuries to their property or person, respectively.

Say, for example, an individual injures themselves by tripping over some uneven carpet in your apartment, they could hold you liable for any related medical costs, as well as reimbursement for lost wages or other miscellaneous financial shortcomings that occurred due to the injury. You coverage would help cover these costs.

If you live in an apartment, duplex, condo, or other shared living complex, liability coverage may also cover you should an issue within your property cause damage to another - for example, your bathtub is not properly sealed and water has seeped through and caused damage to the below apartment's ceiling. However, this can depend on the insurance provider, so always make sure to confirm.

Special Coverages

A special limit applies to the maximum limit that an insurance provider will pay for an insured loss or damage in any one occurrence for a specific type of personal property. The types of personal property that commonly have special limits applied to them are:

Money/cash cards (ie. $1,000)

Business property, only while on your premises (ie. $5,000)

Collectible cards (ie. $5,000)

Watercraft, furnishings, equipment and motors 
(ie. $3,000)

Utility trailers, spare auto parts (ie. $1,000 theft and mysterious disappearance)

Jewellery, watches, gems, fur (ie. $6,000)

Coin, banknote, stamp collections
(ie. $1,000)

Each bicycle (ie. $1,000)

Securities (ie. $6,000)