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Located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, Victoria is the capital of British Columbia and was named after Queen Victoria of the UK. It has one of the largest booming tech industries in Canada and is one of the oldest cities in the Pacific Northwest. As such, it has retained many of its historic buildings, many with designs informed by gothic, Victorian, and Edwardian architecture.


In comparison to mainland Vancouver, Victoria’s location on Vancouver Island tends to lend the city to even milder winters and summers. Snow is typically quite fleeting, with small amounts that melt away quickly being the usual occurrence. Due to the climate, Victoria is affectionately nicknamed “The Garden City” and tends to experience spring conditions earlier than most other parts of Canada.


With such diverse beauty throughout and a pleasant climate, it’s little wonder the population within the city has grown. And for every new resident, there’s a renewed need for good insurance coverage that caters to personal and professional needs. AMC Insurance is ready to help.


Protecting yourself, family, home, car, and business doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. With the right policy from the right insurer, you can get extensive cover at affordable prices. AMC Insurance finds you these cost effective policies so that you can have money to spare.


No industry has ever benefited from remaining stagnant, and this is particularly true of the insurance industry. To stay ahead and offer you the best possible services and insurance options, we keep up with industry trends and embrace all client feedback and suggestions.

Customized for You

When you engage AMC Insurance for your coverage needs, you won’t just be given some generic broad-reaching policy that comes with superfluous additional costs. We’ll customize your entire coverage so that it protects what needs protecting and doesn’t cost you a fortune.

Stress-Free Claims

The claims process should not be one that fills you with dread and concern. To ensure making an insurance claim is easy for our clients, AMC Insurance offers complete assistance. And if a claim is denied by an insurer, we’ll happily help you out with the disputes process.

AMC Loves Victoria

With a mission to help all residents of British Columbia get the best insurance, AMC Insurance proudly serves the entire province and has offices located throughout the lower mainland. Along with our in-person services, we can also organize all of your insurance needs online or over-the-phone.

Fast Claims Response

Get quicker response times for your insurance claims with AMC. Our 7 offices are open 7 days a week, which means we’re easier to reach than other insurance brokers and insurance providers. And for any claim you submit, we aim to respond within one business day.

Insurance Tailored to Your Needs

Why spend your valuable time trying to get an insurance provider to give you the insurance you want without the up-sell when AMC Insurance can find you the very best policy for you? We work with some of the Canada’s most reputable insurance lenders and get you the cover you need for the most competitive price possible.

As an insurance broker, we save you time and money. Those hours you could have spent researching policies are yours to enjoy with family and friends. Once we have found you the best policies on offer, we present them to you, tell you what each one offers in clear terms, and then you can choose the one you like most. No hassle, no hours lost – just great insurance at even greater prices.

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Get premium coverage at a budget price from AMC Insurance. Our polices will protect your home, business, vehicle and belongings with comprehensive and affordable polices. 

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