Mission Statement

Insurance is an invaluable asset that all Canadians should take the time to consider and invest in. However, while it may be invaluable, it can also be hard to understand and, depending on the insurer, expensive. At AMC Insurance, our mission statement to help simplify this process and make insurance work for every single individual. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for personal insurance or professional insurance, we seek to provide the best coverage possible at the most cost effective prices.


To do this, we first focus on communication. Too often, many insurance providers (and even other insurance brokers) will make assumptions of what their clients want and tell them the best options – they won’t actually listen and then gather the best options.

We do things differently here at AMC Insurance, because we believe the best way to provide you with the insurance you truly need is to give you our undivided attention. We listen to you, we research the best options, and then we present them to you and take you through each one step-by-step. After that, a decision is reached that works for you and you alone. To ensure you get the right policy, we cut through the industry jargon and tell you exactly what you’re getting. That way, you can rest assured that you made the very best choice.


Mutual respect and understanding are the cornerstones to good service and to getting to the core of what you want. With 8 locations across Vancouver and the lower mainland, our expansive team includes professionals who have a thorough, in depth understanding of the business and our clients’ needs. Across all 8 locations, AMC Insurance has decades of collective experience in the insurance industry and has built solid relationships with many of Canada’s biggest insurance providers. This means we have access to the best of the best; and that means you will, too.

As the insurance industry changes and refines itself, AMC Insurance is committed to evolving with it. By doing so, it allows us to remain committed to our mission. Outstanding client service, great coverage, and competitive policy prices are only possible if you keep up with the changes that ultimately define and shape the insurance industry within British Columbia and Canada at large.


This is our mission statement, and it is the mission we strive to uphold and maintain every single day. So if you’re located in Surrey, Coquitlam, Vancouver, North Vancouver, Langley, or Abbotsford, be sure to visit your nearest AMC Insurance office today.

Community Support

Giving back to the communities we serve is the foundation AMC Insurance is built on. We support charities that make positive differences in the lives of fellow British Columbians, whether it be healthcare, education, religious services, or athletics.


One of our biggest areas of support is our blood donation initiative. AMC Insurance believes in blood donation so strongly that employees are given the day off with pay if they would like to donate blood. AMC staff often organizes a group blood donation, when almost all staff attend Canadian Blood Services together to donate.

Tiny Bundles

A program through the Surrey Food Bank that helps pregnant mothers and newborns get the essentials that they need.

High School Scholarships

We are proud to give out scholarships this June to 9 students throughout the Lower Mainland. This is our inaugural year of issuing scholarships, and we’re proud to continue this for many years to come.

Religious Groups

Whether it’s Christianity, Sikhism, or any other religion; we encourage faith and help with a monetary donation to religious groups.

Youth Athletics Teams

Physical fitness is an important key to good health, but we realize that not all families can afford to put their children in sports. That’s why we donate money to help purchase equipment and subsidize fees to help the less fortunate.


Last but certainly not least, we are also proud to support BC Children’s Hospital, Share Society, and the Canadian Cancer Society.

Our Partners

Providing quotes from the best insurance companies

Our goal as insurance brokers is finding you the very best coverage for your needs at the best price possible. We are proud to represent some of the best insurance companies in Canada so that we can give you the best possible coverage.


Our network of insurance companies allows us to comparison shop for you, our customer. This allows us to do extensive comparison shopping on your behalf and find you the best insurance rates for your home, condo, tenant. travel business, and much more!


At AMC Insurance, big claim or little claim, we can help walk you through every aspect of the claims process – our aim is to make the entire process as easy and stress-free as possible for you.


What you need to do can vary depending on the type of claim you wish to make. In most cases, it’s best to call us so we can guide you. You can rely on us to help you, and we’ll provide referrals to reliable service providers for things such as home repair, auto repair, or replacements in the event of catastrophic loss or damage.

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