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About AMC

Our Mission

AMC Insurance understands insurance is invaluable but finding the right insurance plan can be challenging. Our mission is to simplify the process and make insurance fit your individual needs. We work hard to find the best coverage options at the most affordable rates, whether you need personal or professional insurance.

Changing Insurance with a Deeply Rooted Customer-Centric Approach

The insurance industry is ever-changing, so finding the right coverage can be stressful. Our team focuses on communication to ensure you get the best option for your individual needs. While many other insurance brokers make assumptions when looking for the best fit, we listen to you and gather the right information to ensure you truly get the best coverage options.

The best way to get you the insurance you need is to give you our undivided attention. At AMC Insurance, we listen to you, research the latest rates, and discuss your coverage options at length. This ensures you genuinely understand the policies available and what you’re getting when choosing your coverage.

Our goal is to create lasting client relationships beyond your initial visit and provide lifelong assistance for your future insurance needs. Mutual respect and understanding for our clients allow us to offer outstanding customer service, excellent coverage, competitive rates, and the industry’s best client experience.

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Why Choose Us?

Trust the Insurance Brokerage Committed to Making a Difference

We have a total of 9 Locations across British Columbia, our expansive team offers a thorough, deep understanding of the insurance industry and our clients’ needs. We deliver decades of collective experience from insurance experts dedicated to building solid relationships with both our clients and Canada’s biggest insurance providers. Our professional insurance network ensures you have access to the industry’s best, giving you access to the best coverage at the most affordable rates.

Our team is committed to continually growing, learning, and changing as the industry evolves. We remain committed to our mission by keeping up with the changes that define and shape Canada’s insurance industry. If you want to work with a team that’s experienced, compassionate, dedicated, and committed to you, give us a call!

Our Reliable Insurance Partners

Quotes from the Most Competitive, Valuable Insurance Companies in Canada

Our primary goal is to find comprehensive insurance coverage options that meet your needs at a price you can afford. We are proud to work with the most valuable insurance companies in Canada to ensure you get these results. 

Our insurance company network allows us to compare rates to ensure you get what you need. We work with an array of companies to extensively compare rates on your behalf and find you the best option for your home, condo, travel, life insurance, and more!

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