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save money on your home insurance

How To Save Money On Your Home Insurance

With house prices now averaging over $1 million in Vancouver we are all looking at ways to save some money.   Here are some…
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Fire Prevention Week

Fire Prevention Week Oct 8 – 14

We are now in Canada’s Fire Prevention Week. This is an opportunity for homeowners to assess home fire safety and make sure the…
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Where Is It Safe To Travel

Where Is It Safe To Travel This Winter?

It is all over the news.  You cannot avoid the coverage of the mass shooting in Las Vegas.  Unfortunately events like this seem…
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Legalizing marijuana

An Insurance Perspective On Legalizing Marijuana

Whether you personally like it or not, legal cannabis is going to be a fact in Canada.  There will be a great many…
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Winterize Your Car

Winterize Your Car, These 10 Tips Can Help

September has arrived and it seems that overnight Summer has come to an end and before you know it Winter will have arrived.…
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Is My Car Safe

Is My Car Safe?

Many of us spend quite a bit of time in our cars, whether it be going to work, running errands, driving the kids…
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Insure Your Small Business

It’s Important To Insure Your Small Business

There are few simple facts in the world, one is that it's important to insure your small business.   Many small business owners…
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Myths About Life Insurance

Biggest Myths About Life Insurance

Only the truly morbid like thinking about their own death.  Taking it even further and using the topic to do some future planning…
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Social Media Can Hurt Your Insurance Claim

Social Media Can Hurt Your Insurance Claim

With the financial issues at ICBC in the news recently it should come as no surprise that fraudulent claims are a problem. This…
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