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Your house is one of your most valuable assets. Our condo insurance experts are committed to working with you to design a policy that works for you. As we represent Canada’s largest and most financially stable insurance companies, we are able to secure competitive rates without compromising coverage, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.  Choose AMC Insurance Broker for your Condo Insurance.

We often get asked what is covered by my condo insurance,  Take a quick look below for a simplified look at the coverage.   All policies are different and there are other types of coverage that you can get separately like earthquake insurance.  Speak to an experienced condo insurance broker if you have any questions.

Home insurance Langley


Coverage that provides for any additional living expenses you may incur while your condo is unlivable

Tenant Insurance Langley


Coverage your belongings, including. clothes. furniture, electronics, and other personal property.

Tenant Insurance Langley


Helps cover expenses that would occur if you have to live away for a period of time, including hotels, meals, storage and more.


Protect you financially from accidents that causes bodily injuries or property damage to others while they’re on your property.

Frequently Asked Questions About Condo Insurance

Do I Need Condo Insurance? – Condo insurance is not mandatory as your condo corporations already has insurance that covers the building for certain situations.  But remember that this does not cover your contents, your liability, and any extra costs if you have to live away from your unit while repairs are being made.

How Much Condo Insurance Do I Need? – This is complicated because of the amount of factors that could be relevant.  You should have enough to cover your contents at minimum, A basic rule is make sure you have enough so that you will not suffer any financial hardship if something happens to the building or your unit.

Are My Contents In A Storage Locker Covered? – Depending on your policy, contents in a storage locker is normally covered.  This is something you should ask your insurance agent to confirm before you buy your policy.

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