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Cyber Insurance

Data Breaches

Protect your business and customers from liability if data breaches occur. Our policies include coverage for breach response, breach remediation, legal fees, customer tracing, IT forensics, crisis media relationships support, and more!

Third-Party Liability

Our cyber insurance policies cover you from third-party liability with protection across your supply chain. This includes privacy liability, media liability, and bodily and property damage.

Cyber Extortion

If you experience an online attack, our policies cover the costs involved in recovering from ransomware attacks. Coverage includes financial recovery from ransoms paid, legal services, and IT specialists.

Business Interruption

Some policies include financial recovery from business interruptions. Explore plans that protect you from the costs involved in getting your business operating again, including loss of earnings, digital asset damage, and overtime.

Protect Your Business, Customers, and Partners from Online Attacks with Our Cyber Insurance Policies

Cyber insurance policies give you peace of mind your business data is safe online. While you may not think you need cyber insurance, it becomes an invaluable asset when a cyber attack happens. Without adequate coverage, you can lose thousands of dollars in legal, remediation, and IT fees to help your business recover. Our coverage offers the following benefits:

Pre-Breach Evaluation

Your cyber insurance policy is more than a response to data breaches. Before you find the right policy, your business will be adequately assessed to help you find the right risk mitigation plan.

Customized Policies

No matter the size of your company or your business industry, all businesses have sensitive data that requires protection. We’ll customize a policy to meet the unique needs of your business.

Incident Response Plan

Our cyber insurance policies include qualified assistance from cyber security experts who will help you create an incident response plan that ensures you have the right coverage in place.

Peace of Mind

A well-fitted cyber insurance policy is critical to your business’s protection. When you work with AMC Insurance, you have peace of mind that your business is safe online.

Cyber Insurance AMC Insurance

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Affordable Cyber Insurance Policies with AMC Insurance.

We work with some of the best insurance providers to bring you the cyber security coverage you need to protect your business online. Also referred to as cyber risk insurance or cyber liability insurance, our policies provide the financial protection you need to recover costs related to cyber security breaches.

Find the Right Cyber Liability Insurance Policy for Your Business

At AMC Insurance, we understand that your business is unique, so we customize our policies to fit your specific needs. We offer three basic cyber security coverages to meet our clients’ needs. This includes:

Data Compromise Protection

Our data compromise protection includes credit monitoring and services a public-relations firm provides.

Identity Recovery Protection

Identity recovery policies help victims of identity fraud restore their credit history and recover from the financial impact of these attacks.

Cyber Protection

Cyber protection policies protect your business again damage caused by a virus or computer attack by helping restore and recreate data and recover from financial loss.


Who Is Cyber Insurance For?

Cyber insurance policies benefit all types of businesses, regardless of size or industry. Since cyber-attacks cost small to medium-sized businesses an average of $2.235 million, having the proper protection is vital to your success.

Why Do I Need Cyber Insurance?

Any business that stores sensitive information online is subject to data breaches, data loss, malware, viruses, and other online attacks. Securing the right policy ensures you’re protected if any of these attacks impact your business.

What Does Cyber Insurance Cover?

Cyber insurance policies vary from one customer to another. However, most policies include data loss, recovery, and recreation, business interruption, loss of transferred funds, computer fraud, and cyber extortion.

What Is Not Covered by My Policy?

As with any policy, there are specific exclusions with all cyber policies. Of course, your policy will not cover you if you are sued for vulnerabilities in your systems before your policy begins. It also won’t protect future profits lost due to a cyber-attack.

Is There a Deductible with Cyber Insurance?

Like most coverages, your cyber liability insurance does have a deductible. Work with your agent to find the right option for your budget. You’ll determine the amount of your deductible when securing your coverage.

How Much Does Cyber Insurance Cost?

Costs vary from one policy to another, but several factors determine your premium rates, including your business revenue and the type and number of records stored and insured on your system.

Ready to Protect Your Business from Cyber Attacks?

Get started today! Our agents are ready to help you find the right cyber insurance policy for your business needs.


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