RV insurance is mandatory in British Columbia.   

Make sure that you have the best RV Insurance for you and your vehicle.

Basic Autoplan coverage includes:

  • Third Party Legal Liability
  • Accident Benefits
  • Underinsured Motorist Protection (UMP)
  • Hit & Run Protection
  • Inverse Liability Coverage

Optional Autoplan can include:

  • Extended Third Party Liability
  • Extension Underinsured Motorist Protection
  • Collision, Comprehensive, Specified Perils
  • Loss of Use
  • Rental Vehicle Coverage
  • New Vehicle Protection

The RV Security You Need to Have Peace of Mind on the Road

Owning an RV can be a fantastic and freeing experience. For some people, owning a hybrid travel trailer or motor home allows them to have the flexibility to spend weeks or months out of the year traveling across Canada and the United States. Other people may use their RVs to take spontaneous weekend vacations to campsites or beaches.

Whatever the appeal may be for you, it’s critical to make sure that your RV is fully insured.


RV coverage benefits you can depend on

It’s a common mistake to think that adding your RV to your regular auto policy is enough coverage. Getting a special endorsement on your car insurance indeed provides some coverage in case of an accident. Still, a standalone RV policy offers a much broader umbrella of protection.


This is especially important if your RV is also your home. Obtaining a complete, comprehensive RV policy means that your way of life is protected in case of accident, theft, personal liability, or property loss.


For most RV owners, their trailers and motor homes are more than just a convenient way to travel. Because of this, we encourage RV owners to speak with an AMC broker to find the best possible RV insurance in Vancouver.



What makes RV insurance so unique?

Standalone RV insurance is like two policies rolled into one. It not only protects your vehicle like car insurance, but it also protects your living space like home insurance. It’s natural to think of needing motorist insurance in case of collisions or road emergencies.


However, many RV owners forget to think about the accidents and liabilities that can arise from being parked in a campground. Besides theft, there is also the possibility of fire, severe weather damage, wild animal damage, and other unforeseen liabilities.



Who needs motorhome insurance?

There are several classes of recreational vehicles that need special insurance:

  • Class A covers RVs built like large commercial buses. This kind of motor home is complete and contains everything you need. Some of these homes are very expensive, costing up to a few hundred thousand dollars.
  • Class B vehicles resemble vans but have taller ceilings so you can stand up inside. They also have a longer wheelbase to accommodate the weight and additional room they provide.
  • Class C vehicles are large vehicles made from trucks or vans. Fifth-wheel trailers like larger homes on wheels are specifically made for pulling on the highway and camping or long-term use.
  • Toy haulers. These are the vehicles that typically fully contain ‘toys’ such as snowmobiles and dirt bikes.
  • Horse trailers, especially those with sleeper units.
  • Pop up campers, which can be collapsed for easy storage and transport.
  • All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) including three- and four-wheelers.

Standard motorhome insurance

Standard insurance policy coverage will depend on your RV. Units that are motorized need the same kind of coverage as your car, like liability, comprehensive, and collision.


If you only plan to vacation once or twice a year, you may be able to get by with seasonal coverage. Trailer RVs will need insurance coverage for damage, both on and off the road.



Options for your RV insurance policy

When you insure your RV, you might want to consider these important options:


  • Insurance for full-time RVers.
  • Camper liability — since you are responsible for what happens inside your mobile home and the lot or campsite it’s parked on (just like your house).
  •  Extra bodily and property damage liability is not uncommon, especially if you have an expensive and large RV.
  • 24-hour roadside assistance is a worthwhile feature that could save you time and money even if you use it once.
  •  Emergency expense money.
  • Total loss coverage.
  • RV contents coverage.
  • Insurance for any ATVs you may be towing, both for the damage they may sustain being towed or being driven.

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all policy

Motor home insurance is specially designed with travelers in mind. When you come to AMC for your RV insurance needs, you can feel confident that we will do all we can to help you build a customized policy that covers all of your concerns. This means that your next trip will be made with peace of mind without breaking the bank.


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