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RV Insurance

Basic Auto Coverage

RV insurance is mandatory in British Columbia. Get the coverage you need with basic auto policies.

Optional Coverage

Extend your protection to meet your unique needs with optional add-ons that provide extra coverage.

Peace of Mind

Whether you spend months in your RV or go on a weekend getaway, our policies give you the peace of mind you deserve when you hit the road.

All Motorhome Classes

Many types of motorhomes require special insurance coverage. At AMC Insurance, we protect all your assets from Class A motorhomes to ATVs and everything in between.

Protect Your Investment with Affordable RV Insurance Policies from AMC Insurance

Owning an RV can be a freeing experience. For some, owning a hybrid travel trailer or motor home allows them to have the flexibility to spend weeks or months traveling across Canada and the United States. Others use their RVs to take spontaneous weekend vacations to campsites or beaches. However you use your RV, it’s critical to ensure that your investment is fully insured.

It’s a common mistake to think that adding your RV to your regular auto policy is enough coverage. A special endorsement on your car insurance provides some coverage in an accident. Still, a standalone RV policy offers a much broader umbrella of protection.

For most RV owners, trailers and motor homes are more than just a convenient way to travel. That’s why we encourage RV owners to speak with our AMC brokers to find the best possible RV insurance in Vancouver.
If you have any of the following recreational vehicles, you need a dedicated insurance policy:

  • Class A RVs are built like large commercial buses. This kind of motor home is like a home on wheels and contains everything you need. Since these RVs can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, RV insurance is crucial.
  • Class B vehicles resemble vans but have taller ceilings so you can stand up inside. They also have a longer wheelbase to accommodate their weight and additional room.
  • Class C vehicles are large vehicles made from trucks or vans. Fifth-wheel trailers are specifically made for pulling on the highway and are excellent options for camping or long-term use.
  • Toy haulers. These are the vehicles that typically fully contain ‘toys’ such as snowmobiles, ATVs, and dirt bikes.
  • Horse trailers, especially those with sleeper units.
  • Pop-up campers can be collapsed for easy storage and transport.
  • All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) including three- and four-wheelers.

When you insure your RV, talk to your agent about the following options:

  • Insurance for full-time RVers
  • Camper liability
  • Extra bodily and property damage liability
  • 24-hour roadside assistance
  • Emergency expense money
  • Total loss coverage
  • RV contents coverage
  • Insurance for any ATVs you may be towing, both for the damage they may sustain being towed or being driven
Motorhome insurance

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Take Advantage of the Benefits of RV Insurance Policies with AMC Insurance

Standalone RV insurance combines two policies into one. It not only protects your vehicle in the same way an auto policy would, but it also protects your RV living space as a home insurance policy would.

Many RV owners forget to consider the accidents and liabilities that can arise from parked in a campground. Besides theft, there is also the possibility of fire, severe weather damage, wild animal damage, and other unforeseen liabilities.

Choose AMC Insurance Brokers for Your RV Insurance

Motor home insurance is specially designed with travelers in mind. When you come to AMC for your RV insurance needs, you can feel confident that we will do all we can to help you build a customized policy that covers all of your concerns. This means that your next trip will be made with peace of mind without breaking the bank. With AMC, you get policies that are:


Our agents have an extensive professional network that gives us access to the best rates on the market.


We’re committed to finding you the absolute best in RV insurance. We work hard to save your business money without sacrificing the quality of your coverage.


At AMC, we understand how much your retail business means to you. Our policies protect you financially and give you the peace of mind you deserve.


What Does RV Insurance Cover?

Your RV insurance can be completely customized to cover all of your motorhome’s exposures.

How Much RV Insurance Do I Need?

How much Motorhome insurance you require will depend on a number of factors pertaining to your specific motorhome. An AMC insurance advisor can help you assess your coverage needs.

How Much Does RV Insurance Cost?

The cost of your RV insurance varies based on the specifics of your policy, age and type of RV you have, and other considerations. You can also add additional coverage such as roadside assistance and comprehensive coverage.

Why Should I Buy RV Insurance?

RV insurance can protect the financial stability of the life you’ve built should a liability claim be filed against you. A policy can cover your recreational vehicle, contents, and medical bills from personal injury, among other optional coverage.

Does My RV Insurance Cover Mold and Mildew?

Preventing mold and mildew is important for RV owners. Unfortunately, most motor home insurance doesn’t provide coverage for health problems and financial loss from this type of damage.

Ready to Protect Your Motor Home with Affordable Insurance Coverage?

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