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Wrap Up Liability Insurance


Protect your project and control your coverage with owner-controlled insurance programs. You’ll be named as the first insured, and other parties will be insured under your control.


CCIP policies are sponsored and controlled by general contractors. You can name subcontractors and even the project owner as other insured parties.

Cost Savings

Explore the benefits of cost savings on larger projects with volume discounts for the entire project. Split the costs between the project owners, contractors, and subcontractors to save even more.

Peace of Mind

Enjoy overall peace of mind and fewer worries or concerns about unknown coverage of external parties working on your project. Plus, secure high-profile, larger, more competitive projects.

Explore The Benefits Of Wrap-Up Insurance Policies With AMC Insurance

Wrap-up insurance or wrap-up liability policies are designed to reduce costs and help avoid headaches on major construction projects. Most policies cover all related parties in a construction project under a single umbrella policy. Wrap-up policies offer specific general liability insurance coverage to the owner, general contractor, and sub-contractors involved in a construction project.

Shopping for Wrap-Up Insurance

Before you take out a wrap-up insurance policy, you need to be sure you have an insurance advisor who knows how to secure the right coverage. It can be difficult to address the potential claims a project can face. You need someone who can help you understand how much coverage to purchase. Since these policies are so valuable, costs are typically split between the owner and the primary contractor. Wrap-up policies offer much-needed peace of mind when construction begins.
Wrap Up Liability Insurance

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Take Advantage Of The Peace Of Mind You Get With AMC Insurance

At AMC Insurance, we work hard to ensure you get the coverage you need at a price you can afford. Take advantage of the most competitive rates and comprehensive coverage the British Columbia insurance market offers when you work with our team.

Find the Right Wrap-Up Liability Insurance Policy for Your Business

At AMC Insurance, we understand that you value your business and have worked hard to get where you are today. Explore the amazing benefits of working with our team to find the right wrap-up policy for your construction needs. Benefits include:

Affordable Rates

With our dedicated insurance brokers, you’ll find the most competitive rates on the market. We work hard to find you as many discounts as possible.

Lower Financial Risk

With a single insurance carrier for your project, you’ll lower the risk of claims and claims resolution will also tend to be less expensive.

Policy Control

With both OCIP and CCIP options, you can control your policy and those insured through your coverage.

Wrap Up Liability Insurance FAQ

Why Is Wrap-Up Insurance Good for Construction Projects?
Wrap-up insurance allows construction companies and contractors to protect their business. Wrap-up policies can be purchased for a portfolio of work or on a project-specific basis. Policies can also be purchased by the policy’s owner where construction occurs. Since construction policies carry so many potential risks, it’s important to have a warp-up policy to protect your assets.
General contractors typically carry general liability insurance for their operations and subcontractors’ work. Therefore, purchasing a wrap-up policy as a property owner can be redundant. However, when the property owner purchases wrap-up liability insurance, the policy limits are dedicated to the owner and not shared by all parties involved. Not only does this offer more control, but it also helps avoid any markups or insurance surcharges that a contractor might include in the project pricing.
OCIP and CCIP policies are both most effective for projects with values larger than $1 million or projects generating at least $1 million in Workers’ Comp premiums. You may also benefit from a rolling wrap-up policy if you handle multiple projects simultaneously. Talk to your insurance broker to discuss whether a wrap-up policy is right for your next construction project.

In some cases, certain contractors and subcontractors may be excluded due to:

  • The nature of their work
  • Whether or not they provide direct, on-site labor
  • The duration of time spent on the work site
  • Small contract values

Many subcontractors worry about taking out their own policy. However, subcontractors can benefit from these policies in several ways. Wrap-up policies are effective for subcontractors with:

  • Protection from rate increases during the project span
  • Coordinated claims
  • Safety programs
  • Higher limits
  • Protection from cross litigation

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