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Rental Insurance to Protect your Investment

Rental insurance is not just for tenants

Income generating properties require their own unique coverage. Consideration must be given when choosing adequate limits for building coverage, loss of rental income and landlord’s contents. As a rental property owner, there are exposures to many liability risks that are unforeseen. Such as acts of crime, accidents and damage done by tenants or their acquaintances do occur.  Our experienced insurance experts will help you so that you have the correct coverage for your rental property.

Rental Property Insurance for your investment property

Supplement your Tenants' Insurance

Protect your rental property from emergencies like fire, storms or serious water damage. Even if you tenant has their own coverage it may not be enough. Especially in cases where neighboring buildings or units cause damage to your property. 

What Our Rental Property Insurance Policies Cover

As a leading agent in the Vancouver and Surrey home insurance market we sell thousands of rental property insurance polices a year. Our comprehensive rental insurance policies are set to cover you in:



Water Damage

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