With an office in Abbotsford and seven more throughout BC's lower mainland, AMC Insurance Abbotsford is here for you.

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Abbotsford rests in the Fraser Valley region of British Columbia, just east of Metro Vancouver. With a modest population just exceeding 141,000 people, the city boasts the same kind of temperate climate as is common across most the greater Vancouver area and other parts of the lower mainland. Still, while Abbotsford’s population may not exceed half a million as with Surrey or Vancouver, it is a beautiful area many call home – or even run their own businesses.


For these reasons and more, AMC Insurance Abbotsford office is located in the heart of Abbotsford, not far from the Canada/USA border. If you live in Abbotsford and are currently looking into personal or professional insurance, we can help you. 


Good insurance needs to offer solid coverage but also be affordable. There is no need to sacrifice the right cover to pay less; you just need to explore all of the options out there and find the right insurer that offers a good balance in terms of cover vs. cost. We help you find that ideal insurer.


Innovation is key to ensuring that any industry grows for the better. That’s why AMC Insurance is committed to staying on top of insurance industry trends while also taking on client feedback and suggestions. We grow and innovate so that our clients benefit.

Customized for You

There is no need to settle for some broad-reaching, catch-all insurance policy that has higher premiums because of you don’t need. A good insurance broker such as AMC Insurance will find you the very best insurance that reflects what you absolutely need and what you also ideally want out of an insurance policy.

Stress-Free Claims

It doesn’t matter if it’s the first time you’ve made a claim or if you’ve had experience with process before, making a claim can still be daunting. If the claim is denied by your insurance provider, disputing their decision can lead to a lot of stress. It’s because of these reasons that AMC Insurance offers full claims support.

AMC Loves Abbotsford

The team at AMC Insurance in Abbotsford knows the area and, more importantly, its people. We like to take a neighbourly approach to insurance brokering, because it’s the best way to ensure that we provide you with a peerless service. At AMC, we want you to feel at home.

Fast Claims Response

Along with assisting you throughout the claims process, we also strive to provide you with efficient responses and expedited solutions. It’s AMC Insurance’s guarantee that we will respond to all client claims within one business day. Our Abbotsford office is open 7 days a week, for your convenience.

Insurance Tailored to Your Needs

When it comes to insurance, you want to make sure you’re getting the kind of cover and protection you truly need. Sometimes it can be hard to determine this if you’re searching and assessing policies on your own, as many insurance policies can be hard to decipher thanks to the oft-confusing nature of industry terminology.

By engaging an insurance broker, you mitigate these potential pitfalls. AMC Insurance will do the searching for you, and then we’ll present you the very best policies suited to your needs – and we’ll explain exactly what these policies do and do not cover. No jargon; just the facts. Remember that good coverage doesn’t necessarily have to cost a fortune. Good insurers can often offer great coverage at affordable prices.

If you live in Abbotsford and are in need of insurance for your business, car, home, family, or even in preparation for a holiday, then get in contact with AMC Abbotsford Insurance today. We will save you time, money, and stress.

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