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Protect Your Phone From Hackers

Protect your phone from hackers

Smartphones are here and, people now need to be aware that they are a target to being hacked.  Having your phone hacked could…
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Finding a home to rent

Finding A Home To Rent

It is not easy to find a home to rent as there can be many issues like location, neighbors, landlord, and many other…
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Advice for first Time home buyers

Advice For First Time Home Buyers

When you want to buy a house and don’t have any experience, then you need to keep reading our advice for first time…
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How To Efficiently Heat Your Home

Heating Your Home Efficiently

Winter season in Canada is chilly and people look for various options to keep themselves warm. But still, the tourists enjoy snowboarding and…
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Home Inventory

How To Make A Home Inventory

What is home inventory? A home inventory is a complete breakdown of your home contents.  Home inventory is a documentation of every item…
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Tip for buying a condo

Tips For Buying A Condo

Buying a home is stressful under the most ideal circumstances.  If you are thinking of a condo then there are some additional items…
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Staging your Home

Staging Your Home – Tips To Speed Up A Sale

The purpose of staging your home is two things: Improve the sale price and to reduce the time it is on the market. …
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Moving Checklist

The Ultimate Moving Checklist

We all know that moving is an onerous task that can cause more stress than anyone needs.  We have come up with the…
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Basement Flooding

Basement Flooding – What To Do

One thing no one wants to ever discover is that they find that their basement is flooding.  It would rank near the top…
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Tips to save money and energy

10 Tips To Save Money And Energy This Winter?

With Winter approaching so does higher electric bills.  With the high cost of living in some of Canada's urban centers it can be…
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