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Farm Insurance

Farm and Ranch Liability

Farm and ranch liability coverage is crucial to your property. It protects you from liability for bodily injury, property damage, and medical expenses resulting from covered claims when people are on your ranch or farm.

Excess Liability

Excess liability policies address additional claims not covered in a basic liability policy. This includes protection for farm equipment on roads, livestock that gets out on roads, and excess above motor vehicles.

Commercial Liability Umbrella

Adding this type of coverage to your farm insurance policy will help pay legal costs and judgments that come from covered claims.

Personal Liability Umbrella

Additional insurance protection can also be added through a personal liability umbrella. This includes claims of defamation of character, libel, or slander.

Protect Your Farm Or Ranch From Liability With Our Farm Insurance Policies

Protect your farm or ranch with a tailored policy that combines various coverages to protect your financial assets. A farm insurance policy covers your property with liability coverage that can be tailored to the unique needs of your home and ranch operations. When you work with AMC, you take advantage of:

Certified Farm Agents

We certify and train our farm agents to ensure you have experts who know what it takes to get you the coverage you need at affordable rates. We understand the unique needs of farm insurance clients and help you find the best policy to meet those needs.

Customized Policies

At AMC Insurance, we understand that every property is unique. We’ll work with you to know how your business works, the daily operations of your farm, and all assets linked to your farm or ranch. This helps us find you the right coverage for your protection.

Additional Coverage

With our team, you don’t just customize our basic coverage policies. You can add optional endorsements and coverages to protect all your assets under one convenient policy. This includes protection for your vehicles, home, property, and livestock.

Peace of Mind

A well-fitted farm insurance policy is critical to your financial protection. When you work with AMC Insurance, you have peace of mind that your farm or ranch is safe if damage or loss occurs.
Farm Insurance - AMC Insurance

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Affordable Farm Insurance Policies With AMC Insurance.

We work with some of the best insurance providers to bring you the farm and ranch coverage you need to protect your assets. While our policies differ from one client to another, you can enjoy protection for your home and contents, ranch personal property, ranch structures, and liability.

Find the Right Farm Liability Insurance Policy for Your Ranch.

At AMC Insurance, we understand that your property is unique, so we customize our policies to fit your needs. We offer three basic policies to meet your individual needs.

Basic Farm Protection

Our primary farm protection extends liability coverage for traditional farms and ranches.

Extended Coverage

Our extended coverage offers protection for expanding farms and ranches with related commercial exposure.

Commercial Protection

If you operate your farm or ranch as a business, our commercial protection provides excellent coverage for smaller farm and ranch operations.

Farm Insurance FAQ

Who Is Farm Insurance For?
Whether you own a family farm or a large commercial ranch, we recognize the unique needs of farmers and ranchers. Our policies are tailored to meet the needs of all individuals who run a farm or ranch property, whether you rent or own or raise crops or livestock. Farm insurance is vital for commercial growers, agricultural product packers, estate farms, and family farms and ranches.
Farm and ranch operations have a unique set of risks that traditional insurance policies do not cover. Our agents help you customize your coverage to protect your property from liability, crop loss, chemical drift, and more.
Our farm policies insure various farm and ranch types, including agritourism, cattle ranches, commercial farms, dairy farms, equine farms, livestock farms, poultry farms, row crop farms, and more. While coverage will range based on the terms of your policy, typical coverage includes liability, farm dwelling, farm structures, private structures, personal property, and other losses resulting from personal injury or damage. You can also add pollutant clean-up, equine property, equipment breakdown, disruption of production, and other endorsements based on your specific needs.

As with any policy, there are specific exclusions with all cyber policies. Talk to your agent to learn more about what your policy doesn’t cover and determine whether adding on to your policy is the best way to protect your assets.

Like most coverages, your farm insurance does have a deductible. Work with your agent to find the right option for your budget. You’ll determine the amount of your deductible when securing your coverage.
Costs vary from one policy to another, but several factors determine your premium rates, including your property value, age of the property, location, and operational information.

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