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Course of Construction Insurance (COC)

Builder’s Risk

Protect your construction business from financial loss with builder’s risk policies that include buildings under construction, materials on site, and temporary structures. Add-ons include scaffolding re-erection, site preparation, debris removal, and more!

Loss Control Services

Work with your insurance provider to get advice and assistance with loss control. Work with safety and risk management experts who cover prevention for fire prevention, operator practices, transportation, security, and more!

Commercial Equipment

COC insurance offers financial protection for a broad range of construction equipment, from graders and crans to bulldozers and front-end loaders. Our policies also cover the significant expenses that result in the loss of equipment, such as rental substitutions, debris removal, and pollutant cleanup.

Commercial Property

Specialized COC policies combine building, business personal property, and property in transit coverage to meet your unique operations needs with high property values, multiple locations, and property in transit.

Construction Claims Are Unique- Find the Right Commercial Package for Your Needs

We serve all types of commercial construction operations to prioritize your site and fleet safety. Our course of construction policies protects your business from damage, theft, or loss while you are completing a construction project. Work with our agents to combine your coverage into one convenient package that fully protects your business.

General Liability

Protect your construction company from lawsuits and injuries that may occur on-site during the construction process.

Business Property.

Insure your assets against physical damage or total loss that can occur on-site during construction.

Business Income

Some policies also cover your construction company against interruption in income if you have to unexpectedly shut down a construction site.

construction Business Insurance

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Affordable Course of Construction Policies with AMC Insurance.

AMC Insurance supports general, specialty, and trade contractors who work in various types of commercial construction. Our course of construction policies are designed to meet the needs of large and complex building projects. When you work with our insurance agents, you get access to dedicated construction loss resources that help keep your business operations thriving.

Find the Right COC Insurance Policy for Your Business.

At AMC Insurance, we understand that your business is unique, so we customize our policies to fit your specific needs. Take advantage of the benefits of insuring your construction business with our comprehensive policies:

Experienced Underwriters

Our experienced underwriters develop specialized solutions for your projects by taking the time to understand your needs and recognize the need for a timely response.

Flexible Coverage

We know that you work at various sites and your policy can be quickly and easily modified for owner or contractor placements.

Various Products

We offer various insurance products to meet the unique needs of your business and help protect you, your employees, and your clients.


Who Is Course of Construction Insurance For?

COC insurance providers construction business owners, developers, and contractors peace of mind. Owners are assured their contractors have the funds to rebuild in the event of loss, and contractors are assured they have the costs available to start over if needed. Since COC insurance covers several parties, it can be obtained by construction business owners, contractors, engineers, or project managers.

Why Do I Need COC Insurance?

Course of construction insurance exists to insure buildings or projects under construction against the costs of repair or replacements in the event of an accident. Also known as builder’s risk insurance, it’s designed to protect you from the devastating impact of fires, floods, vandalism, theft, or other unwelcome damage to your construction project.

What Risks Does COC Insurance Cover?

Course of construction policies protect against unforeseen accidents, including fire, lightning, explosion, vehicle impact, vandalism, wind, hail, or rain damage, theft, collapse, and subsidence. While most policies do not cover contractors’ tools and equipment, you can add additional coverage to create a package that offers comprehensive protection.

How Quickly Are Claims Processed?

We understand that every claim is different. We work hard to make the claims process straightforward and timely. Claims are processed as quickly as possible to help your project get back to normal ASAP.

Is There a Deductible with COC Insurance?

Like most coverages, your COC insurance does have a deductible. Work with your agent to find the right option for your budget. You’ll determine the amount of your deductible when securing your coverage.

How Much Does COC Insurance Cost?

Costs vary from one policy to another, but several factors determine your premium rates, including the complexity, location, and costs of your project.

Ready to Protect Your Construction Projects with COC Insurance?

Get started today! Our agents are ready to help you find the right course of construction insurance policy for your business needs.


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