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Marine & Boat Insurance

Custom Protection

At AMC Insurance, we understand that marine and boat insurance requires a unique policy custom fit to meet your needs. Our policies can be easily customized to protect all types and sizes of marine vessels.

Highly Flexible

We offer flexible options to keep your vessel protected all year long. If you sell or transfer your vessel, your policy can quickly and easily be changed to meet your needs. You also have access to a range of extra coverage to customize your level of protection.

Comprehensive Coverage

Accidents on the water aren’t the only thing you need to protect your boat from. That’s why we offer comprehensive coverage that offers financial protection from damage from things like vandalism, theft, and falling objects.

Liability Insurance

Adding liability coverage to your marine policy is always a good idea. This protects you if someone is injured on your vessel or if they experience property damage from your vessel or while on your vessel.

Find Affordable Marine And Boat Insurance Rates Based On These Factors

Finding the right marine and boat insurance policy can be a struggle. Shopping for insurance is time-consuming and challenging. That’s where AMC insurance brokers are here to help you. We save you time and money by taking care of your insurance needs and finding the perfect policy for your requirements and budget.

You need an insurance policy that provides the best coverage at reasonable rates. Our marine and boat insurance is highly flexible, offering you a range of extra coverage that lets you customize the level of protection appropriate for you and your vessel. Whether our clients are looking to insure a small boat, a mid-sized sailboat, or a large luxury yacht, their requirements remain the same.

Get Insurance for Your PWC, Jet-Ski or Sea-Doo

The primary factor that determines your insurance rates is the cost of rebuilding your home and replacing your valuable contents.

Commercial Boat Insurance

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Shop Our Marine And Boat Insurance Policies With Our Specialized Insurance Brokers

Marine and boat insurance differs from insuring your car or house, as the policies available vary, as do the prices. As your marine and boat insurance broker, our role is to determine how you use your boat and what risks you will be subjected to. Once we’ve gathered the necessary information, we will find the best possible marine insurance policy to protect your assets. We have access to leading marine insurers in the province and know the ins and outs of the various policy wordings and fair pricing. We are also here to help support you during the claims process.

Working with multiple underwriters allows us to find the right fit for you. As a boat owner, your goal is to steer clear of making a claim. However, accidents happen. The last thing you want to have to do is pay out of pocket if an accident occurs. We’ll read the fine print for you and create a package that will anchor you and your boat to financial safety.

Choose AMC Insurance Broker for Your Marine Insurance

Choosing the right marine and boat insurance is crucial. You need to take the time to get educated and understand the coverage you are paying for. At AMC Insurance, we are happy to provide you with a side-by-side comparison of your policy options. We are confident you will see the benefits of working with our team.

You Need A Marine Liability Insurance Policy With The Best Coverage At Reasonable Rates.

We Offer Flexible Options For Watercraft, Marine Cargo, Fishing & Commercial Boats.

Compare Our Affordable Watercraft Insurance Rates.

Get AMC Boat Insurance for Your Next Adventure


Our agents have extensive experience working with individuals and families shopping for marine and boat insurance protection. We provide the right coverage for your financial protection.


We’re committed to finding you the most affordable rates and work hard to ensure you get the coverage you need at a price you can afford.


At AMC, we understand how much assets mean to you. You’ve worked hard to afford a boat and want to maintain it for your enjoyment. Our policies protect you financially and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Marine & Boat Insurance FAQ

Do I Need Marine and Boat Insurance?
For most boat owners, securing insurance is required before you even take your boat out on the water. Even if carrying a dedicated insurance policy isn’t required where you live, boat insurance is always a good idea. It offers financial protection from accidents, damage, and liability.

Every policy is unique. Therefore, premiums vary from one individual to the next. Premium rates depend on your policy type and additional factors such as the age of your vessel, how it will be used, and where it is stored. Talk to your insurance broker to find a policy that works well for your needs.

The best way to decide how much liability coverage you need is to talk to your insurance broker. You want to ensure you are completely protected from any financial responsibility if someone is injured on or because of your vessel. Our policies range from $100,000 to $1,000,000+. However, most boat owners are comfortable with a $300,000 policy.

Boating experience is one of the factors considered when determining your premium rates. The less experience you have, the fewer carriers will be willing to trust your ability to operate and navigate your vessel safely. If you are new to boating, it is best to secure a small vessel. You will be more likely to get coverage and have affordable premium rates.

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