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Rental Property Insurance

House Coverage

If you rent out a home, you need to insure your rental property to protect it from financial losses, property damage, and personal injury.

Building Owner Insurance

Building owner insurance protected the main structure of your home, attached garages, swimming pools, hot tubs, and other property assets.

Detached Structures

If you have other structures on your rental property that are detached from your main house, you’ll want to ensure your policy covers them as well.

Condo Rentals

Our condo insurance policies protect your physical property from damage and liability. You can also add coverage that protects upgrades, additions, and alterations.

Protect Your Rental Property with Affordable Insurance Policies from AMC Insurance

If you rent out your property, you need two types of insurance coverage to protect your financial assets. The insurance you need as a landlord differs from what you need to insure your physical property. At AMC Insurance, we understand the policies available and work hard to ensure you get the financial protection you need for peace of mind.

Building Owner Insurance

With a limit based on the estimated rebuild cost of your home, building owner insurance protects the main structure of your house. It also provides coverage for attached garages, swimming pools, and hot tubs (with some insurers). With some policies, you may also have unlimited coverage for costs that eventuate from building code changes.

Rental Properties with Detached Structure

Rental properties with detached structures require additional coverage to protect structures that are detached from your main house. These could include things such as standalone garages, gazebos, sheds, docks, etc. Along with these basic detached structures, some insurance policies may even cover landscaping, fences, and gardening equipment. Talk to your insurance broker to determine the right option for your needs.

Rental Property Insurance

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Take Advantage of the Benefits of Rental Property Policies with AMC Insurance

As a rental property owner, you work hard to maintain your properties and use them as a source of income. You need to protect your assets with an insurance company that has your back, from property damages to personal injury. Get the rental property insurance coverage you can count on with AMC Insurance.

Choose AMC Insurance Brokers for Your Rental Property Insurance

AMC’s insurance brokers are committed to helping you find the best, most comprehensive rental property insurance coverage. We compare rates from several companies to find the best rates for your unique situation. We’re committed to finding you the right option for your unique needs and giving you the peace of mind you deserve as a landlord. With AMC, you get policies that are:


Our agents have an extensive professional network that gives us access to the best rates on the market.


We’re committed to finding you the absolute best in rental property insurance. We work hard to save you money without sacrificing the quality of your coverage.


At AMC, we understand how much your assets mean to you. Our policies protect you financially and give you the peace of mind you deserve.


What Does Rental Property Insurance Cover?

Rental property insurance policies provide coverage for property damage, liability protection, rental income protection, and more! The specifics of your coverage depend on the type of policy you choose and how much coverage you buy.

Why Do I Need Rental Property Insurance?

If you’re renting a home you don’t occupy, it’s important to have insurance coverage to protect your assets. In some provinces, it’s mandatory to carry this type of coverage. Even if it isn’t a requirement, you’ll want to have the policy to protect yourself from financial responsibility if an accident or injury occurs.

How Much Does Realty Insurance Cost?

As with any other policy, your premium rates heavily depend on the type of insurance you get, your claims history, your property risks, and how long you’ve owned it. Talk to your insurance agent to find a policy that meets your needs at an affordable rate.

What Discounts Do You Offer?

AMC Insurance works hard to find our clients the most affordable premium rates in BC. We have multi-policy discounts, clean claims history discounts, and discounts for anti-theft devices, among others.

Ready to Protect Your Rental Property with Affordable Insurance Coverage?

Get started today! Our agents are waiting to help you explore your insurance coverage options.


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