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David M.

They really helped clarify my options and the prices were more affordable than I was expecting. Great experience.

Benjamin S.

I went there for my truck and cargo insurance. The staff there was very helpful! I had a claim and they took the time to contact ICBC so I could pay back my claim and not lose my discount!

Navjeet G.

Excellent knowledge of policies and the work is done efficiently. I would highly recommend AMC Insurance to anyone who is looking for a trust worthy broker ,who will identify and tailor policies best suited for their Clients.

I have saved a lot of money and time over the years working with them and I look forward to the years to come.

Salik S.

After comparing with few other companies,I found 'Ghazal' from AMC Insurance extremely Helpful, Nice, Respectful, Knowledgeable and Competent in her work ,I had many questions and She went above and beyond. I had my house insurance done and will definitely going back for her to do my car insurance renewal. I've highly recommended Ghazal from AMC Insurance to my Colleagues and family members.

Janet K.

Awesome, Superior, Super knowledgeable, Super helpful, caring, and honest. I highly recommend AMC insurance company I love their service and have been with them for many, many years. The best insurance company in BC ever!

Dylan S.

I wouldn't go anywhere else for my insurance needs. I will gladly drive the extra distance as AMC Insurance is well worth it. They have a real passion for their clients, highly recommended!

Jasdeep S.

Amazing customer service! They help you quickly when needed and have very low rates! Low cost with spectacular insurance. Easy 5 stars!!!

Canadian Motors Ltd.

AMC Insurance in York Centre, Surrey, BC, is a really convenient and easily located office. All insurance requirements for both personal & commercial clients are handled here. I personally recommend visiting, as they have many years of experience and can always advise you on the best policies and ultimately save you money! Awesome service and very professional to deal with, you will not be disappointed!

Simon G.

The best insurance firm in the lower mainland of BC. The most accessible and reliable firm. It's a pleasure to work with Raman and Tapinder in the transportation insurance department. We have been with AMC for over ten years and don't have a single complaint. We enjoy doing business with AMC insurance!

Manmeet J.

Very nice staff and very friendly. Excellent service and they give very good deals. My car and travel insurance has been done by them and I have no complaints. I would recommend AMC insurance to everyone!

Mandeep C.Mandeep C.

AMC is one of the best insurance companies in Surrey and Vancouver, BC. They have been providing us with exceptional service for our house and auto insurance for years. They are very knowledgeable in every aspect and I highly recommended them for any insurance related services. Thank you AMC once again for your amazing service.

Yasmin D.Yasmin D.

AMC provides such a wonderful service. They assisted me and my spouse in finding a great deal for our home insurance. They have been extremely professional and courteous. At one point, I needed immediate help and they stepped in to help me without hesitation. This office is one of a kind in providing great service, and the staff are great representatives of a great company.

Pal A.Pal A.

I have been dealing with AMC Insurance since 1998. I have my home, auto and commercial insurance done through them. They send timely reminders. I went to see them at 8.45am and they were open. This time i met some of their great new employees and they were very good with renewals. I highly recommend them for all kinds of insurance.

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