Protection for your retail business


No matter what kind of retail business you’re in – from clothing to electronics, bakeries to building materials – you need the right insurance protection.


We often get asked what is covered by my insurance,  Take a quick look below for a some of the types of insurance that are available for retail businesses.   All policies are different and there are other types of coverage that you can get separately like earthquake insurance.  Speak to an experienced insurance agent if you have any questions.

Business Liability

Protect your business from damage to a person or property at your location. Business Liability will help your business recover from these costs.

Property Insurance

Protects your property, inventory, equipment  and computers from loss or damage.  Normal coverage includes fire, vandalism or theft.

Business Interuption

Helps cover you in the case that your business has to close due to losses caused by property damage or theft.

Commercial Auto

Your standard vehicle insurance does not fully cover you when using your vehicle for business.  Ask us about commercial auto insurance.

Equipment Breakdown

If your business relies on equipment for daily operations you may need to have coverage for equipment breakdown.

Employee Protection

Dishonest employees can cause financial losses from theft.  Protect your cash, and property for your retail business.

Contents & Inventory

No retail location can stay open with the loss of its contents and inventory.  Protect your business’s contents and retail inventory from loss or damage.

Cyber Insurance

Coverage against cyber attacks, data breaches that might affect your customers and your business.

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