Protection for your Hotel


Hotel and Motel operations can be the most diverse challenge to insurance agencies. In addition to insuring the real estate property, and the amount of contents for all the rooms and the offices, there are many things to consider to properly compile hotel or motel insurance.


In addition to regular rental rooms where people stay when traveling can involve:

  • Pub and Nightclubs
  • Restaurants and Diners
  • Swimming Pools, Hot Tubs
  • Convention and Meetings
  • Weddings & Banquets
  • Bus Shuttle Vehicles
  • Recreational Activities – skis, bike or boat rentals, trail rides, etc.
  • Spa Services
  • Golf Resorts
  • Retail Tenant Shops
  • Weight and Fitness Rooms
  • Casinos and Showrooms
  • Long Term Residential

Each additional operation can have specific underwriting considerations, questions, and options. The standard optional coverage, of course, should include Electronic Data Processing, Earthquake, Flood, and Sewer Back-Up coverages.


In addition to regular property coverage for the building, stock, and equipment of the hotel or motel, specific coverage, as needed, can be added for;

  • Outdoor Sign (signs not attached to the building)
  • Master Key/key card systems (cost of replacing the cards and the system)
  • Wine stock (High values beyond regular limits for hotels priding in a quality wine selection)
  • Equipment Breakdown (for example specialized computerized phone systems, heating and air conditioning, restaurant refrigeration systems, an elevator or escalator systems)
  • Non-Owned Auto (for valet parking services for client vehicles)
  • Food Contamination (kitchens with room service, restaurants, bar or catering services)
  • Landscaping (beyond limits that may be on a regular building policy, hotels can have elaborate grounds that need extra consideration)
  • Infestation (such as common bedbug outbreaks)
  • Business Interruption (to include not only lost business, but refunds of rooms or events booked)
  • Hazardous Substances (chemicals used in landscaping, pool maintenance, pest control, etc.)
  • Crime Coverage (employees, high cash in restaurants and bars, cheque fraud, etc.)
  • Cyber (booking services containing client information and payment details)
  • Vehicle coverage (for owned vehicles, including bus shuttle or limousine service)
  • Forcible Ejection (security for pubs and nightclubs and difficult room guests)


How much Hotel insurance coverage do I need?

How much hotel insurance you require will depend on a number of factors pertaining to your business. An AMC Insurance Commercial Insurance Advisor can help you assess the amount of coverage required.

How much does hotel insurance cost?

The cost of hotel insurance varies based on gross revenues of the business, the risk, and the limits of insurance. There are additional coverage that can be added to a Commercial hotel Insurance Package, such as Cyber Insurance. These coverages can increase the cost but expand coverage and reduce risk.

How do I buy hotel insurance?

Hotel insurance can easily be purchased over the phone at 1-866-350-8555 or you can request a quote online.

Why should I buy hotel insurance?

Hotel insurance can protect the financial stability of your business should a liability claim arise against you. A policy can also include coverage for buildings, contents, and loss of business income.

What does hotel insurance cover?

Hotel insurance can be completely customized to cover all of your hotel’s exposures.

Where can I buy a business insurance bond?

AMC Insurance has a team of agents who can assist your company with your bonding needs. Call 1-866-350-8555.

How can I get hotel insurance quotes online?

At AMC Insurance we provide insurance products unique to our customers needs. We communicate with the business to determine the best commercial insurance products for the individual business rather than a “one size fits most” type of policy. A business insurance quote can be requested online through our quote request form.

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