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Whatever the nature of your business is, and no matter how big or small it may be, commercial auto insurance is a constant across all professional and mechanical industries. At AMC Insurance Broker, we’re invested in helping businesses and companies of all sizes get the auto coverage they need, you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. We have a dedicated team to provide Insurance Solutions designed to keep the transportation business Insured. With our in-depth understanding of practices and needs, we can support your business in the following:






If you work in the transportation industry you will need transportation and business insurance coverage that protects your vehicles and cargo.  Your coverage should also give you the flexibility to be compatible with your profession and lifestyle.

No matter if you drive a long-haul truck with cargo across North America or if you drive a limousine and are just transporting people from Vancouver to Abbotsford in British Columbia, you need insurance coverage that addresses your needs.  You will also need an insurance broker with the required experience and access to commercial insurance companies to give you the best advice and coverage.

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How do I buy commercial auto insurance?

Commercial insurance can easily be purchased over the phone at 1-866-350-8555 or you can request a quote online.

Why should I buy Commercial auto insurance?

Commercial auto insurance can protect the financial stability of your Commercial vehicles. Should a liability claim arise against your vahicles.

What does Commercial auto insurance cover?

Commercial auto insurance can be completely customized to cover all of your company’s vehicle exposures.

Do I need Commercial insurance on my car?

Even if you do not own a Commercial , if you use your car for Commercial purposes or during the course of your workday you should talk to one of our Autoplan insurance advisors about Commercial insurance, Artisan Insurance or Delivery insurance for your car.

Where can I buy a Commercial insurance bond?

AMC Insurance has a team of agents who can assist your company with your bonding needs. Call 1-866-350-8555.

Do I need Commercial insurance for my home based Commercial Auto ?

If you have a home based Commercial vehicles, you should have liability and coverage for your Commercial personal auto. Contact your AMC Insurance broker to enquire.

How can I get Commercial insurance quotes online?

At AMC Insurance we provide insurance products unique to our customers needs. We communicate with the Commercial to determine the best commercial insurance products for the individual Commercial rather than a “one size fits most” type of policy. A Commercial insurance quote can be requested online through our quote request form.

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