Congratulations, you’re getting married. Purchasing a marriage license is one of the milestone events that can bring together your families in preparation for the big day. AMC Insurance is proud to be part of your celebration. We have a number of locations throughout BC to help you with this exciting purchase.

Primary identification such as birth certificates is required to confirm the identities of the couple, but if you don’t have that, then the following documents will work:

  1. IMM/immigration form
  2. Permanent resident card
  3. Citizenship card
  4. Valid driver’s license
  5. Valid passport

When you come to a London Drugs location, please be sure to know the following information (of both applicants)

  1. Full legal names
  2. Birthdates
  3. Place of birth
  4. Address

The cost of purchasing a marriage license is $100 and we accept major credit cards, cash or debit card as payment.

Now that the marriage license is taken care of, you can get ready for your big day and your honeymoon. Don’t forget to purchase travel insurance so you can enjoy your honeymoon worry free!

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