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Abbotsford Auto Insurance

Your Abbotsford ICBC Autoplan And Private Auto Insurance Experts

Approximately 960 automobile crashes happen everyday in British Columbia, so it goes without saying that it is extremely important to have the proper auto insurance coverage to protect you and your family from costly accident claims. Car insurance doesn’t need to be complicated; our knowledgeable Abbotsford auto insurance agents can help you renew your ICBC autoplan and choose the best private insurance plan and coverage that will best fit your needs and budget. 

Contact our auto insurance Abbotsford office for a free quote and learn more about both ICBC and private auto plans and prices.

Car Insurance Options at Our Abbotsford Office

BC drivers are required by law to purchase a minimum amount ICBC’s basic insurance, but depending on your unique needs, you may also want to get additional coverage. Our Abbotsford car insurance specialists are available to guide you through the ins and outs of auto insurance and different packages and coverages. Our office in Abbotsford is conveniently located on the corner of South Fraser Way and Hill Tout Street, and you can easily find us from all directions when you approach the intersection. Visit our Abbotsford insurance office at 31696 South Fraserway or choose your next auto insurance plan over the phone by calling (604) 409-4503 (toll free: 1-866-350-8555).
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Abbotsford Basic Autoplan
ICBC Basic Autoplan is the required car insurance to have on your vehicle in British Columbia. Our auto insurance specialists in Abbotsford can help you get the best rate allowable on your ICBC renewal.
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Abbotsford ICBC Optional Insurance

These are optional products from ICBC that include coverage for extended third-party liability, loss of use, rental vehicles, non-collision damage, and more.

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Abbotsford Private Insurance
You also have the option to purchase additional coverage from private auto insurances, so you can choose the best level of protection for yourself.
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ICBC-Enhanced Care New Auto Insurance

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Abbotsford Basic Autoplan – What It Includes

ICBC Basic Autoplan provides the minimum amount of protection and it’s mandatory coverage if you own a vehicle in BC. You can easily purchase the Basic Autoplan with our Abbotsford auto insurance specialists and they will also help you find out if you need any extra coverage based on your needs.

Third Party Liability

Crashes cause injuries and damage vehicles and property. If you’re at fault, your Basic Autoplan covers up to $200,000 for others’ injuries and vehicle damage.

Accident Benefits

Cover the medical costs and lost wages for you and your passengers if you’re injured in a car crash, regardless of who’s at fault.

Underinsured Protection

Provides up to $1 million if you’re injured or killed by the driver of an underinsured vehicle and you are not at fault for the crash.

Hit and Run Protection

Coverage up to $200,000 is available to BC residents whose property is damaged, or who are injured or killed by an uninsured or hit-and-run driver.

Abbotsford Optional Autoplan – What Is Available

ICBC Optional Autoplan is additional coverage that you can purchase if you wish. It offers a wide range of products to increase your level of car insurance protection including:

Loss of Use
At Fault Collision
Specific Perils
Rental Vehicle Coverage
Extended Third Party Liability
New Vehicle Protection
Extended Underinsured Motorist Protection

Abbotsford Private Optional Insurance

When purchasing extra protection with a private auto insurance, like Family Insurance Solutions and Intact Insurance, you can expect coverage for the following:

  • Extended Liability
  • Excess Underinsured Motorist
  • Collision
  • Comprehensive Cover or Specified Perils
  • Limited Depreciation
  • Replacement Cost

Contact an AMC Insurance agent for specific details about Private Optional Car Insurance in Abbotsford.

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Abbotsford Auto Insurance FAQ

What Is Collision Coverage?
Collision covers damage to your vehicle if you are in an at fault accident. Collision also helps pay for towing and storage (If necessary) even if the crash is your fault. Collision is an optional additional coverage with ICBC.

Comprehensive coverage is similar to “All Risk” coverage. All perils are insured unless excluded in the policy wordings.

Specified Perils insures your vehicle for loss or damage from fire, earthquake, explosion, lightning, windstorm, hail, rising water and theft. Specified Perils is typically a lower cost alternative to Comprehensive Coverage.
Third party liability is coverage in case you are in an at-fault crash. If you are responsible for a claim, you could be liable for damages including injuries, vehicle damage and other expenses for the other driver and their passengers. Basic Autoplan insurance with ICBC covers $200,000 coverage for Third Party Liability. Higher liability limits are available.

The RoadStar Package includes Loss of Use coverage, Rental Vehicle Coverage, Vehicle Travel Protection and Lock Re-Keying.

Roadstar is sometimes also referred to as the discount level with ICBC. Once a driver reaches a 43% discount, they are considered Roadstar.

Roadside Plus includes Loss of Use Coverage, Rental Vehicle coverage, Vehicle Travel Protection, Lock Re-Keying, Emergency Roadside Expense Repayment, Theft Deductible Waiver, Destination Assistance and Family Worldwide Transportation.
Underinsured Motorist Protection protects you if you are in an accident and the other driver is at fault but does not have enough insurance

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia. More information about ICBC can be obtained on the ICBC website.

With the new taxation law you can gift a vehicle to an immediate relation only including but not limited to: Spouse, Parent, Grandparent, Child (Spouse), Grandchild (Spouse) and Sibling (Spouse). Please pick up the appropriate form in our office. All other gifted vehicles will need to have a fair market value applied for taxation.
It is a good idea to record the following:
  • Information on the other driver(s) including; drivers license number and issuing province or state, name ,address and phone number
  • Information on the other vehicles involved in the crash: Plate number and issuing province or state, Vehicle Identification Number, Registration number, Year, Make and Model of the car.
  • Name and Contact information of witnesses
  • Details on the accident, such as the direction the vehicles were driving and what lane the vehicle was in
  • Where and when the accident took place
  • Weather and road conditions

To get an ICBC Autoplan quote, you can visit or call any AMC Insurance location in BC. Alternatively you can request a car insurance quote through our online quote request form. AMC Insurance can also provide auto insurance quotes for private car insurance in BC.

Protect Yourself from Expensive Accidents with Auto Insurance in Abbotsford

You never want to be in a situation where you caused an accident because you will need to pay for the damage caused to your vehicle and the other party’s vehicle. You may also need to cover the injured party’s medical costs, which would mean a significant financial hit to you. An auto insurance policy can protect you from suffering financial ruin if you are ever involved in an accident.

At AMC Insurance, we help protect drivers from the financial burden of an expensive lawsuit and the cost of damages to the vehicles. Our auto insurance in Abbotsford will help cover the costs of all damages done to the other party so that you won’t need to worry about your finances. You can sit down with our insurance agents and figure out the finer details of your insurance policy. We have your best interests at heart and can ensure you have adequate protection to cover all injured parties’ medical costs.

We can work with you to find out the best autoplan in Abbotsford that fits your budget so that your bank account doesn’t take a hit if you get into an accident. The cost of repairs for the damage done to your vehicle can also be quite expensive. That is something else you can protect against by acquiring auto insurance in Surrey.

Get Coverage from Car Accidents with an Autoplan in Abbotsford

Dealing with the aftermath of a car accident is never a pretty sight or an easy process. However, you can make things easier for yourself by getting auto insurance in Abbotsford. Not only does that protect you from the financial damage to your pocket, but it allows you to cover the medical costs of injured personnel in the accident. That is why all drivers must have car insurance when they are on the road.

If you’re the one at fault in an accident, you could be liable to pay a lot of damages to the injured party, which could mean emptying your bank account. If you don’t want to suffer such a hit, you should contact the AMC Insurance experts. We offer the most affordable autoplan in Abbotsford to drivers who wish to protect themselves from expensive lawsuits.

Getting auto insurance in Abbotsford is the smart choice, and many drivers on the road are encouraged to have auto insurance policies. If you are looking for a car insurance policy, make sure you get in touch with AMC Insurance today.

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