ICBC Autoplan Car Insurance

Along with Autoplan's mandatory ICBC Insurance, there is optional auto insurance to consider.

If you live in BC, then you’re likely well aware of the fact that mandatory Autoplan coverage must be taken out when you purchase a vehicle. Along with this mandatory coverage, which takes care of your basic auto insurance needs, there are also optional extras you can invest in.

As an official Autoplan broker, AMC Insurance can sort out all of your auto insurance needs, including mandatory Autoplan, optional Autoplan, and optional private auto coverage offered by another insurer, Family Insurance Solutions, which you can view here.

For Autoplan, however, you can expect the following:

Basic Autoplan coverage includes:

  • Third Party Legal Liability
  • Accident Benefits
  • Underinsured Motorist Protection (UMP)
  • Hit & Run Protection
  • Inverse Liability Coverage

Optional Autoplan can include:

  • Extended Third Party Liability
  • Extension Underinsured Motorist Protection
  • Collision, Comprehensive, Specified Perils
  • Loss of Use
  • Rental Vehicle Coverage
  • New Vehicle Protection
  • Variety of Special Coverages

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Basic Coverage

In terms of the five key forms of coverage under a basic Autoplan policy, they account for the following:

  1. Third Party Liability – you’re covered in the event you’re responsible for a crash and have to pay for claims made against you by the other motorist(s) involved
  2. Autoplan Accident Benefits – covers you, passengers, and household members for medical costs and wage loss if injured in a crash
  3. Underinsured Motorist Protection (UMP) – covers you if the motorist responsible for the crash does not have enough insurance to cover your claim
  4. Hit-and-Run Coverage – available to all BC residents, car owner or not, whose property is damaged; or who's injured or killed in a crash on BC roadways
  5. Inverse Liability Protection – covers you in parts of Canada or the US where local laws don’t allow you to claim against the person who caused your crash

Optional Coverage

While optional, the following coverage options offered as Autoplan extras can provide you with greater protection for a wider range of risks and unforeseen events, so they're worth seriously considering.

Extended Third Party Liability Coverage

Extended third party liability coverage is designed to cover you up to a greater limit than the third party liability coverage offered under a Basic Autoplan. Whereas the basic variant caps off at a $200,000 limit, Extended Third Party can go up to $5 million.

Extension Underinsured Motorist Protection

Extension UMP takes the UMP of the Basic Autoplan and increases the level of coverage from $1 million up to options of $2 million, $3 million, $4 million, or $5 million – whatever suits you.

Loss of Use

Loss of use coverage helps cover the expenses that come with renting a vehicle, using taxis, or taking public transit while your vehicle is being repaired. To qualify for this type of coverage, you will also need to take out Collision, Comprehensive, or Specified Perils coverage.


Collision coverage will provide you with financial cover for repair and replacement costs of your vehicle, even if the crash that caused the damage was your fault. Along with repairs and/or replacement, collision coverage may also cover costs for towing and vehicle storage, if necessary.

Keep in mind that if you have a history of at-fault collisions, you may only be able to buy collision insurance with a high deductible (where you cover more of the costs prior to your insurer’s plan kicking in) or you may not qualify at all. In general, the better driving history you have, the lower the cost of collision coverage.

Comprehensive Coverage & Specified Perils

Both comprehensive coverage and specified perils serve similar purposes, but they vary in approach. Primarily, comprehensive coverage covers a wider range of vehicle-related perils, whereas specified perils are targeted to the most common risks. Which one you choose depends on what you want to cover.

Comprehensive Coverage

Accounts for a wide range of perils beyond a crash that can damage your vehicle. These include:

  • Theft and vandalism
  • Fire, earthquakes, and explosions
  • Falling or flying objects – for example, rocks or gravel that hit your windshield
  • Damage if you hit a domestic or wild animal
  • Weather conditions that include lightning, windstorms, hail, and rising waters

Specified Perils

This coverage offers a similar function to comprehensive coverage, but at a lower price to the consumer. The list of damages and perils it covers are more specific, but it still accounts for some of the most common causes of damage. These include:

  • Theft
  • Fire, earthquake, or explosion
  • Weather, such as lightning, windstorms, hail, and rising waters/flooding

Rental Vehicle Coverage

While most rental vehicle companies offer insurance to their customers, the costs of this insurance can often be more expensive than what is offered under ICBC’s optional Autoplan rental vehicle coverage. The coverage provided by ICBC accounts for third party liability, accident benefits, underinsured motorist protection, collision, comprehensive, and loss of use.

Keep in mind that while most rental companies accept ICBC’s Rental Vehicle Coverage, some may not or will require a larger deposit as a result.

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New Vehicle Protection

Buying a new car is a big investment, so you’ll want to ensure it’s covered in the event of a crash or if other damage to it is sustained. There are three key coverage options, which include New Vehicle Replacement Plus (NVR+), Replacement Cost, or Limited Depreciation Endorsement.

The first two, NVR+ and Replacement Cost coverage, which do have some prerequisites to qualify for, feature the following:

  • New parts from the original manufacturer (if possible) if your vehicle can be repaired after a crash
  • Protection from depreciation and inflation if your vehicle has to be written off
  • A choice to replace your vehicle, or to get a cash payout

Limited Depreciation Endorsement is available to all drivers. If your vehicle is written off after a crash or other damaging occurrence, the policy provides you with a new vehicle of the same model year (if available), or a payout of the original purchase price/suggested retail price at time of purchase. In the event your vehicle can be fixed, repairs will use new parts of similar kind and quality.

Many of these optional policies can be purchased as packages, and there are also specialized vehicle coverage options for off-road vehicles, vehicles in storage, and luxury vehicles.

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