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Category Archives: Tenants Insurance

Finding a home to rent

Finding A Home To Rent

It is not easy to find a home to rent as there can be many issues like location, neighbors, landlord, and many other…
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Roommate Agreement

Roommate agreement

A contract in which people living in a room or rental unit agree to terms, conditions, and responsibilities is called roommate agreement. You…
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How To Find A Roommate

How To Find A Roommate

How to find a roommate.  A roommate is the one with whom you share an apartment, dorm or condo. To select a roommate who…
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Insuring a Rental Suite

Insuring rental suites

Some people rent out a room or suite in their home to tenants.  This helps the homeowner with the monthly cost of a mortgage.…
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Find a tenant

Finding A Tenant

Some people build or purchase a house for the purpose of using it as a revenue stream. If you in the process of…
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Benefit of Renting

The Benefit Of Renting

In the lower mainland the housing costs have priced many out of purchasing a home.  Do you put yourself in some financial peril…
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Tips to save money and energy

10 Tips To Save Money And Energy This Winter?

With Winter approaching so does higher electric bills.  With the high cost of living in some of Canada's urban centers it can be…
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What is contents Insurance

What is Contents Insurance?

We get many questions about Insurance from our customers.  One of the most asked is "What is Contents Insurance?" or "Is contents insurance…
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Why you need tenants insurance

Why do you need tenants insurance?

Why do you need tenants insurance?  We have all noticed the increase in costs in living in the lower mainland.  In the past…
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