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Home Insurance

Protect Your Haven: Home Insurance


In British Columbia when you get a mortgage to purchase a home, normally, having home insurance is a requirement from the lender.  Once your mortgage is paid off it becomes the decision of home owner if they wish to have it.  From a financial aspect the benefits vastly outweigh the the cons.

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What is Home Insurance?

Home insurance policies protect you from damage and losses to your home, possessions, and your liability if someone is injured on your property.  Since each policy is different, your coverage is determined when you purchase your home insurance.  Some policies have perils that will be covered like theft, fire, and storms.  Some perils are not standard like earthquakes, wildfires and landslides but these can be purchased separately at the time you get your policy or even add them in at a later date.

What things could be covered?

Here is a summary of what things could be covered under the typical home insurance policy.


Coverage for your building and any listed detached structures like a garage,  shed, and pool house.+


Coverage of your belongings, including. clothes. furniture, electronics, and other personal property.  There are limits for some items like jewelry.  


Helps cover expenses that would occur if you have to live away for some time, including hotels, meals, storage, and more. 


Protect you financially from accidents that causes bodily injuries or property damage to others while they’re on your property.

A typical home insurance policy does not cover your property taxes, mortgage payments or the land.

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Factors that affect the price.

Replacement cost

The cost of rebuilding your home and replacing your contents is the number 1 factor in your insurance cost.


If you live in an area that has a higher chance of flooding, wild fires, or illegal activity.

Claims history

If you have a history of making claims, the cost of your premium will be higher and stop you from getting a claims free discount.

Age of roof

If your roof is older than 2o years, it may be deemed not able to withstand the weather and could increase your premium.

Credit Score

Your credit score will be taken into account to determine your insurance rate. 

Fire Issues

Though most urban homes are close to a fire hydrant, rural homes may be too far to get a discount for being within a specified distance.


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