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Founded back in 1873, Chilliwack has grown from being a predominantly agricultural community to the second largest city of the Fraser Valley Regional District. In the city itself, the population sits at around 83,000, and an overall of 101,000 reside when the surrounding metro area is taken into account.  With this growth and each residents’ increasing insurance needs, AMC Insurance Chilliwack is here to help.


Beyond its renowned agricultural roots, Chilliwack’s economy is also bolstered by forestry, construction, education, health, and several other industries. The retail and wholesale trade, in particular, has greatly increased in its contributions to Chilliwack’s economy.


Beyond the city’s historic downtown region, Chilliwack is surrounded by mountains and recreational areas. Beautiful Cultus Lake and Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park are destinations for the whole Fraser Valley. The area is known for its comparably mild climate as is experienced by many southern-lying BC regions. Chilliwack presents an increasing number of professional opportunities as the once small country town grows into a larger city.




As with any investment, you want the cost to be justified. At AMC Insurance, we work with Canada’s most reputable insurers so that we can offer you coverage that is comprehensive, as well as competitive when it comes to price.


Good coverage isn’t just about good insurers – it’s also about which insurers constantly innovate and push the industry forward for the better. AMC Insurance works with these insurers and takes on client feedback to constantly better our services and policy offers.

Customized for You

For every client we work with, providing them with the insurance they need is our key priority. Why pay more for a broader policy that includes coverage you don’t actually need? AMC Insurance gives you the policy coverage you ask for.

Stress-Free Claims

Being an insurance broker isn’t just about providing clients with good insurance, it’s also about providing ongoing assistance such as guiding you through the claims process. If you need help, we’re happy to do whatever we can. We can also help you dispute denied claims.

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AMC Insurance services the entire province of British Columbia, from the very north to the south. As part of our commitment to help all Chilliwack residents, we are able to help you find insurance coverage via phone, online, or in-person.

Fast Claims Response

With 7 offices located throughout the lower mainland, all of which are opened 7 days a week, AMC Insurance is readily available. When you make a claim and submit it to us, our aim is to have a claims adjuster respond within one business day.

Insurance Tailored to Your Needs

Insurance doesn’t have to be expensive, nor does it have to lack the features you need. With the right insurance policy and right insurer found through a broker such as AMC Insurance Chilliwack, you can save money without sacrificing coverage.

Ultimately, the best insurance cover is the kind that is tailored perfectly to cater to your needs. Making sure you get this out of an insurance company yourself, however, can be a challenge. When you have an insurance broker like AMC Insurance on your side, you can rest assured we only deal with Canada’s most reputable insurers.

As a result, we can collect and compare the best policies at the most competitive prices – and you’re the one who benefits. Along the way, we cut through the industry jargon and tell you exactly what each policy offers you. That way, you can choose what is best for you instead of having an insurer tell you what’s best for you.

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