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Errors & Omissions Insurance

What is Errors & Omissions Insurance?

Discover the Benefits of Errors & Omissions Insurance – An Essential Coverage Provided by AMC Insurance

As a business owner, it is crucial to be prepared for the uncertainties that come with running a business. One of the risks that businesses face is being sued by clients for alleged financial losses due to errors, omissions, or negligence during the course of services or advice provided. This is where Errors & Omissions (E&O) Insurance comes in handy.


AMC Insurance company offers E&O Insurance as one of our essential Business Insurance coverages to protect you from such unforeseen circumstances. With E&O Insurance, you are safeguarded against claims made by clients regarding any errors or mistakes that you might have made during the delivery of your professional services.


AMC Insurance Company provides customized E&O Insurance solutions tailored to the specific risks and exposures of your business. We cater to a wide array of industries that include but are not limited to real estate agents, architects, accountants, lawyers, engineers, financial advisors, and consultants.


Our E&O Coverage provides defence and indemnity costs, including any settlement or judgment against you. It also helps in maintaining your business reputation by assuring your clients that you are a responsible and reliable service provider. Moreover, it instills confidence in your customers by demonstrating that you take your clients’ interests seriously.

Errors Omissions Insurance An Essential Coverage Provided by AMCInsurance business insurance canada
Errors Omissions Insurance An Essential Coverage Provided by AMCInsurance business insurance bc

Why Should You Choose AMC Insurance?

Errors & Omissions Insurance Key Features:

By choosing AMC Insurance, you can be confident that your business is covered with the most comprehensive E&O insurance available. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the best possible service and ensuring that they are protected from the financial damages that could arise from professional claims. Contact us today to learn more about our E&O insurance coverage and how it can benefit your business.

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