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Bundle and Save

Liability Issues

Protect yourself from financial liability from accidents that cause bodily injury or property damage while other people are on your property.

Your Valuables

If you need a policy that covers the contents of your home, including clothes, furniture, electronics, and other valuable personal property, we can help!

Your Property

Find coverage that protects your property, the structure of your home, and any listed detached structures, including garages, sheds, and pool houses.

Living Expenses

Get help covering daily living expenses, including hotel expenses, meals, storage, and more if disaster strikes.

Analyzing Cost Factors that Determine Home Insurance Rates

At AMC Insurance, we work hard to find the most competitive rates for your home insurance needs. Before you start shopping, explore the following factors that determine coverage costs:

Replacement Cost

The primary factor that determines your insurance rates is the cost of rebuilding your home and replacing your valuable contents


Your location also plays a significant role in costs. Your rates will be higher if you live in an area prone to severe weather conditions.

Claims History

If you have a history of making claims, the cost of your premium will be higher. You may also be limited to the discounts available to others without a history.

Property Age

If your roof or other valuable property appliances are older, you may notice an increase in your premium.

Credit Score

Your credit score is also used to determine your insurance rates.

Hazard Risks

Though most urban homes come equipped with extra protection for hazards such as fire and flooding, some hazard risks can impact your insurance rates.

Tenant Insurance
BUNDLE Home AND Auto to SAVE on Insurance

Bundle & Save

Bundle and save on the total premium of your home and auto insurance, with this combined bundle, you can make sure, your home and your cars get the best security possible.

Utilize our bundling savings for multiple homes, multiple vehicles, motorcycles, and more to bundle more and save more.

If the policies are with the same insurer or a different insurer from the customer’s primary policy, bundle discounts may be available. All offers are subject to conditions and limitations.

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Protect One of Your Most Valuable Assets- Your Home.

Homeowners insurance is one of the most crucial forms of asset protection you’ll need. At AMC Insurance, we simplify the process to help you find the perfect coverage for your unique needs. Every client should get the individualized service they deserve, with basic coverage and add-ons to meet your specific requirements. Our brokers work hard to help you find the perfect fit for your insurance needs.

Shop the Best Home Insurance Rates from Specialized Insurance Brokers with a Reliable Network of Providers

Our insurance experts are committed to helping you design a policy that works for you. We have the professional relationships required to secure competitive rates without compromising your coverage, with connections to some of Canada’s largest and most financially stable insurance companies. Get the peace of mind you deserve with AMC Insurance representing your home insurance needs.

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