Protection for your commercial property


We understand that landlords need flexibility when they are searching for the best commercial landlord insurance policies. Whether you need to cover multiple properties or a one-off commercial venture, we can help you find the protection that you need.

Why Get Commercial Landlord Insurance


There are more unexpected accidents that can happen on a commercial property than we have space to list them all. However, here are just a few of the major reasons to invest in proper commercial landlord insurance.


Repair costs: If your business suffers a covered loss, your commercial property insurance policy can help with the repair costs to get you back in business quickly.


Replacement costs: If the covered loss to your property is too extensive for repairs, commercial property insurance can often help with the replacement costs.


Business interruption coverage: If you suffer a covered loss, you likely won’t be able to sustain operations right away. The right insurance policy may be able to mitigate your loss of income.


Unexpected losses: Natural disasters are often out of our control and can cause significant property damage. Fire, winter storms , hail and some forms of water damage may be covered in your policy to help you keep costs down in these unforeseen situations.

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