Businesses need commercial insurance that reflects contemporary risks and challenges.

Commercial Insurance for Your Business

Businesses, big or small, need commercial insurance

With working partnerships with many of Canada's most reputable, competitive, and financially stable insurers, AMC Insurance is able to offer a great range of commercial insurance coverage options for businesses. No matter your size, your budget, your industry, or whether you're publicly or privately owned we can help you get the very best coverage and financial protection.

Important Commercial Insurance Products:

Commercial Buildings

We arrange coverage for commercial buildings, big and small.

Course of Construction

If you are in the construction industry, we can cover large and small contractors. Single and multiple building policies are available.

Restaurants and Pubs

Many of our partnered insurance companies provide coverage for restaurants and pubs.


Electricians, plumbers, framers, and other contractors all need insurance protection.

Business Liability

Whatever the business is, we can protect your company  and its assets from losses.

Retail Stores

We offer extensive cover to all types of retail businesses.


We can cover your building, contents, machinery, products, and provide for any loss of income.


Make sure you have coverage for inventory, equipment, transportation, and liability.

Cargo and Freight

Cover for any damage or loss to your goods, or the goods of others, while in transit by air, land, or sea.


Contractual guarantees for the work undertaken by a contractor


Insurance for fleet operations of various sizes

Garage Insurance

Covering your garage with private and ICBC insurance options.

In the world of insurance, finding an affordable insurance provider who also offers good coverage is not an easy task. If you are looking for commercial insurance, home insurance, car insurance, life or health insurance, we have the expertise you need to help you make the right choice.