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Surrey is suburban city within Metro Vancouver, and it has the second-highest population of any city within the metro area after Vancouver itself. Sitting at 517,887 as of 2016, there are more than half a million residents to account for. With such a large number of people, AMC Insurance has two offices within the Surrey area; including our headquarters along 80th Avenue and another office in Cloverdale.


Insurance is an imperative form of protection that all Canadians need to invest in, and with the booming value of homes and ever-growing commercial presence within Surrey, now is an essential time to make the active effort to be insured. With our two offices, residents of Surrey never have to look far for a solution to their insurance needs.


As with any essential in life, you’ll ideally want something that covers what you need it to and that doesn’t cost you a fortune to do so. That’s why engaging an insurance broker such as AMC Insurance is the best way to go. We find you the best insurance coverage at the most competitive prices.


AMC is inspired by innovation and how it helps shape the insurance industry. Not only do we evolve with the changes the industry naturally brings, but we take on the feedback and suggestions of our clients to better refine what we do and what we offer. We look to the future to protect yours.

Customized for You

Everyone is different, and so are their needs. Whether you run a business or you enjoy going for runs every day, we account for the individual needs and unique qualities of every individual. This allows us to tailor insurance with greater accuracy and effectiveness.

Stress-Free Claims

The claims process is not one you have to face alone. With AMC Insurance, you receive full assistance from our caring staff from the initial policy quotes to making claims and, if need be, disputing a denied claim. With a broker, you don’t have to deal with the tension and anxiety the claims process can cause.

AMC Loves Surrey

With two offices in Surrey, one of which is AMC Insurance’s headquarters, there’s no doubt we love Surrey. The suburban city has a rich history and is one of the most expansive and populated areas of Metro Vancouver beyond the city of Vancouver itself. No matter your insurance needs, we are here to help all Surrey residents.

Fast Claims Response

When making an insurance claim, you want a timely and efficient response. As part of our mission to provide our clients with the very best assistance, AMC Insurance guarantees to respond to any insurance claim within one business day across all of 7 offices. This is our commitment to you.

Insurance Tailored to Your Needs

No matter where you live in Surrey, AMC Insurance is committed to providing you with an experience that offers great coverage at a great price. With so much to worry about in life already, why spend the valuable free time you do have comparing insurance policies yourself? An insurance broker will do the heavy lifting for you and present you with the very best options available based on the information you give us.

Once you’ve selected the policies best suited to you, we provide ongoing assistance in the event you ever need to file a claim or fight a claim denial by your insurer. We’re on your side, 100%. Are you ready to get your insurance sorted? Then don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today.

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Get premium coverage at a budget price from AMC Insurance. Our polices will protect your home, business, vehicle and belongings with comprehensive and affordable polices. 

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