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Discounts That Can Help You Save On Home Insurance

March 19, 2018Posted at 3:18 pm in

There are many ways that you can receive home insurance discounts and save a lot of money. Below are the top ways you can reduce the premium on your homeowners insurance by making a few small changes around your home.

#1 Improving Home Security

For homes with active security systems, some insurance companies may offer a discount for monitored security systems. Depending on the insurance company, these types of home insurance discounts may be combined with a monitored fire alarm discount.

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#2 Being Claims-Free

If you’ve never had to file a claim as a homeowner or renter for a specific number of years, you may get a discount through your insurance company. Furthermore, the homeowners insurance discounts may increase the longer you go without making a claim.

#3 Bundle Your Policies

Many stores bundle items and offer a reduced price, so you may get a discount if you get your car and home insurance from the same provider. Some insurers will offer a discount percentage off your premium if you bundle. A good insurance broker like AMC Insurance can tell you which companies offer discounts if you bundle your policies. Talk to an AMC Insurance agent for more details.

#4 Be Mortgage-Free

Once you pay off your mortgage, you may be eligible for a discount. Ask your insurance provider if they offer this type of discount.

#5 Prevent Water Damage

Homes that are equipped with a leak prevention and a shut off system, such as backflow valves or a working sump pump may qualify for a discount.

#6 Mature Discount

Some insurance companies will offer discounts to individuals who have reached a certain age. Each insurance company has different age of maturity levels, so make sure to ask if you qualify.

#7 New Home Discount

New homes that are more energy efficient and have been built based on modern standards and municipal bylaws may result in a home insurance discount.

#8 Monitored Fire Alarm

Certain approved monitored fire alarm systems may make you eligible for a discount on your policy.

AMC Insurance is your one-stop shop for all your insurance needs. We can help you get a discount on your home insurance and more. Feel free to call or email us, or you can visit us on Facebook.

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