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Discounts That Can Help Save On Home Insurance

Home DiscountsThere are many ways that you can save on your home insurance? Below for our top discounts on how you can reduce your premium by making a few small changes around your home.

#1 Improving Home Security

For homes with active security systems, some insurance companies may offer a discount for monitored security systems. Depending on the insurance company, this discount maybe combined with a monitored fire alarm discount.

#2 Being Claims-Free

If you’ve never had to file a claim as a homeowner or renter for a specific number of years, you may get a discount through your insurance company. The discounts may increase as the number of years being claims-free increases.

#3 Bundle Your Policies

We all see stores bundle items and offer a reduced price.  You may get a discount if you get your car and home insurance from the same provider. Some insurers will offer a discount percentage off your premium if you bundle.

#4 Be Mortgage-Free

Once you pay off your mortgage, you may be eligible for a discount. Ask your insurance provider if they offer this type of discount.

#5 Prevent Water Damage

Homes that are equipped with a leak prevention and a shut off system, such as backflow valves or a working sump pump may qualify for a discount.

#6 Mature Discount

Some insurance companies will offer discounts to individuals who have reached a certain age. Each insurance company has different age of maturity levels, so make sure to ask if you qualify.

#7 New Home Discount

New homes which have been built based on modern standards and municipal bylaws may qualify for a discount.

#8 Monitored Fire Alarm

Certain approved monitored fire alarm systems may make you eligible for a discount on your policy.

Credit – Reed Boehner

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