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Heating Your Home Efficiently

Efficient Home Heating: Tips for a Cozy Winter


Winter season in Canada is chilly and people look for various options to keep themselves warm. But still, the tourists enjoy snowboarding and other types of ice games. There are many heating systems that can be found in homes. People have to choose the heating system according to the area they reside in. Here are the list and detail of the equipment that the Canadians use for heating your home efficiently.

Heat Home


The furnace is a type of heating system that uses blower motor to spread the heated air with the help of air ducts. The fuel used in burning the furnace can be either natural gas, propane, heating oil, and electricity. The furnace is inexpensive but one disadvantage is that it is noisy especially the older models.


A boiler is a type of heating system, which generates heat by heating the water. The heat is distributed through the pipes fitted in the boiler. The boiler uses natural gas, heating oil, electricity, or biodiesel blends to get power. The advantage of the boiler is that rooms in which it is installed can be heated easily. The disadvantage is that the installation of the boiler is expensive and the temperature needs to be kept to a minimum to prevent the pipes from getting frozen and broken or damaged.

Heat Pump

A heat pump is a type of heating system, which captures the surrounding air for heating and then distributes it. The fuel used to power it is electricity or geothermal energy. The advantage of this equipment is that it provides both cooling and heating. The disadvantage is that the installation of this device is expensive.

Active Solar Heating

In this type of heating system, the sun is used to heat air or liquid, which is stored in a solar collector. The house is warmed up immediately. The fuel used to power this equipment is solar energy. The advantage of this equipment is that it can reduce the bills of fuel and the disadvantage is that there is a need for a second heating source, which makes it expensive equipment.

Electric Heating

This heating system uses electricity and converts it into heat. The power source of this equipment is electricity. The advantage of this heating system is that it is inexpensive and the disadvantage is that in comparison to the heating system powered by combustible fuel, an electric heating system is expensive.

Wood Burning Appliance

Wood burning appliance comes in the form of a pellet or wood stoves and fireplaces. The fuel used in the equipment is wood. The main advantage is that it is good for ambiance and disadvantage is the formation of carbon monoxide, which is dangerous to human beings and other living things. If this equipment is being used, then a carbon monoxide detector should be installed in the house.

These heating systems can be easily used to make the house or individual rooms warm and residents of the house can get relief from the severe cold. There are some disadvantages with each equipment but if they are used carefully, the disadvantages can be avoided. People should buy that equipment, which is in their budget and also suitable for their home.

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