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How Automation Is Making Its Way Into The Trucking Industry

November 22, 2022Posted at 4:10 pm in

How Automation Is Making Its Way Into The Trucking Industry amc insurance services

Trucking Industry, Automation, And Insurance Policies:

Whether in the trucking industry or not, you probably have heard much about automation. From teleoperations to level 4 autonomous trucking, there’s much to know about this technology. In this article, we’ll look at how automation is making its way into the trucking industry.

Automated Truck Drivers Perform All Kinds Of Tasks

Despite the hype, there needs to be more consensus about the number of jobs lost in the trucking industry due to automated trucking. Many studies don’t even estimate the number of jobs that are at risk.

However, a more comprehensive study by Leonard et al. (2020) estimates that the number of jobs at risk from automation is lower than the numbers Gittleman and Monaco used. Rather, these authors point out that automation will create new jobs.

While it’s true that automation will likely decrease the number of jobs in the trucking industry, not all segments of the market are well-suited for automation. For example, automated trucks are not likely to be able to handle loading and unloading, which means human operators will likely need to perform these tasks. Though automation in this field has progressed significantly, it is an ongoing process that will take a little more time to see the light of day.

Meanwhile, if you own a truck, you must also have commercial truck insurance, which will greatly save your expenses in case of any major mishap.

Level 4 Autonomous Trucking

Despite the hype surrounding driverless trucks, the reality is that they are still years away from becoming fully autonomous. This is largely due to several technological and social hurdles that must be overcome.

For one thing, the trucking industry is concerned about the risk of liability. Fortunately, the driverless trucking industry is beginning to address this issue.

Another company working on driverless trucks recently tested a level 4 autonomous truck. The demo video, which can be viewed below, shows a driverless semi-truck operating safely. It includes signaling, lane changing, and working within the traffic. Automation in trucking will still take a lot of regulation and practical clearance before being viable.

But in the meanwhile, if you own a truck or any other commercial vehicle, you must also have pollution liability insurance in Canada if your vehicle breaks the emissions norms in your state or country.


Using teleoperation to improve trucking efficiency may have been a given for the past several years, but the latest incarnations are staking claim to the top spot as the next big thing in the trucking industry. Teleoperation is no small feat. It is a stepping stone toward autonomous vehicles. Teleoperation is being done in the UK, the US, Finland, and Japan. One teleoperation company is even implementing the technology in an autonomous vehicle. One of the company’s trucks has taken the helm on a closed road in Florida.


Automation is the future. There is no denying it, but we must address the employment issue with other industries that will generate jobs due to automation. Like with cars, horses, stables, stag carriers were unemployed, but with time, new jobs as taxi drivers were generated.




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