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How To Avoid Distracted Driving

Avoid Distracted Driving


It is impossible to not know that distracted driving is an issue that is at top of mind for many people today.  There are initiatives by government, heart breaking social media posts, heavy fines if caught and many lives lost.  It is common sense but here are some simple tips to avoid distracted driving.

1 Do not use your phone, iPad, GPS, or any other electronic devices while driving.  Your texts, emails and even your game alerts will still be there when you park your vehicle.

2 We have all been driving and looked over to see someone brushing their hair, applying lipstick, doing their makeup or even brushing their teeth.  Groom before you drive, you will do a better job and you won’t have the possibility of hurting someone.

3 Listening to music is something we all do when driving.  Be smart and create your playlists before you get behind the wheel.  The 2 seconds you take your eyes off the road could change your life and someone else’s in a tragic way.

4 Cars today all have storage areas, use them.  If something falls let it stay there until you stop your vehicle.

5 If you drive with pets or children, make sure they are secured.  As a parent we will instinctively try to help our kids if they are in danger, and by doing that you may be putting them and yourself in even more danger.

6 Set your GPS before you leave.  99% of the time we know where we are going when we put the keys in the ignition so why not avoid distracted driving by entering your destination before you depart.

7 Drive Thru is convenient but it can also contribute to a dangerous situation.  How safe is it if you drop a hot coffee on your lap?  How would you react if your hamburger slipped and ended up all over you?

8 No matter the situation, whether it be any of the above listed items, if dealing with it cannot wait then pull over.  You may arrive at your destination a few minutes later but you will arrive.


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