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Keeping sidewalk safe

February 1, 2019Posted at 12:05 am in

Keeping Sidewalks SafeIn Canada, keeping your sidewalk safe is important.  It is common to slip on an icy sidewalk, which can result in minor or severe injury. In order to get rid of slipping, the sidewalk either should be cleared or various should be used to prevent slipping. Here are some products, which can be used on the icy surface to prevent slipping and a possible claim on your Home Insurance for liability.

Rock Salt

When the rock salt is spread on the icy surface, the ice melts and new ice does not form. This helps in cleaning the sidewalks and people can walk without any problem. The salt is inexpensive and can be easily tracked. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of using rock salt.


  • The ice melts quickly and new ice is not formed. The sidewalks and the streets can be cleaned easily in this way and walking also becomes easier.
  • The product is easily available as it is used in homes also for cooking food.
  • The rock salt is inexpensive and can be bought for spreading it on the ice and melting it.


  • The salt can be harmful to animals as it can cause dehydration, irritated paws, bacterial infections etc.
  • The rusting process of the metal becomes quicker due to the presence of salt. It also damages the concrete.
  • If the salt is applied more than necessary, the shrubs and plants can get damaged. The local waterways can be polluted if the salt mixes with them.
  • The salt will work properly if the temperature is -10 degrees or below.


Sand can be spread over the snow and ice surface, which will add traction, and the people will not slip on the road or sidewalks. It only provides grip to the walkers. It does not have the power of melting ice. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of using sand.


  • The sand provides traction and prevents slipping on icy and snowy surfaces.
  • There is no restriction of temperature as in the case of salt. It can be applied and reapplied as needed.
  • The sand is safe for animals, plants, humans, and the environment.


  • It does not melt ice or snow.
  • It does not dissolve so its cleaning is necessary.

Per Safe De-Icers

There are many de-icing products that are free of salts and friendly to animals. People can go to the animal store for such products and help the pets to walk on the icy surface. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the de-icers.


  • The product is easy on the paws in comparison to salt and sand.
  • The slip is prevented because traction is added after the product is spread.
  • It is safe for plants.
  • The ice is melted and new ice does not form.


  • The product is not as effective as rock salt.
  • It is much costly in comparison to salt.
  • The color of the product can make it messy.


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