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Our 10 Best Travel Tips

Top 10 Travel Hacks to Elevate Your Adventures!


Traveling can be one of life’s best experiences, but it can also be a chore if something goes wrong.  Enjoying a trip can come down to the smallest of details.  Follow our 10 best travel tips to help alleviate some of the issues that could put a damper on your vacation.

Why Travel Insurance Is Important

Park Car With Front Out

Airport parking is an experience at the best of times.  The last thing you want to find is your car battery dead, a mechanical issue or a window broken due to a break in while you are away enjoying the sun.

By parking this way it will make it much easier for a tow truck to assist you or a mobile mechanic to get you on your way home.

Pack Essentials In Your Carry On

Some flights can be extremely long and research shows that on each flight at least one bag is lost or delayed.  If this happens to you it can cause an issue that could be easily avoided.

Keep things that you may need like hotel information, medication, shoes and a jacket.  Also, by putting all of your liquids like shampoo in your carry on, you can save time as the screening process is quicker.

Make Your Luggage Easy To Identify

If your flight is full, the luggage pickup belt will be packed.  We have all been there, seeing what you thought was your luggage and when you reach for it you find out that it isn’t.

Save yourself some time and a headache after a flight by making it stand out.  A unique sticker, tie a ribbon around the handle tightly, or even buy a bright color of luggage.  When you are looking at luggage most of it is the same two colors.

Check Travel Advisories

All governments have a website that they keep updated with travel advisories.  Check them out before you plan your trip and again just before you leave.

A natural disaster, a terror alert or even a military issue could make it unsafe for you to travel there.

Make Sure You Get Travel Insurance

If you or a family member has a medical issue before you leave or at worse while on vacation, you may find yourself needing to cancel your vacation or at the mercy of a foreign medical system.

All travel agents will ask you at the time of booking if you want to purchase travel insurance.  While these are normally basic plans they are better than going unprotected.  If you have time call your trusty insurance agent and make sure you get the coverage that suits your needs.

Leave The Mini Bar Alone

Who doesn’t love a midnight snack, especially after a day full of activity and fun.  I stress you to fight the urge to tap into the ultra convenient mini bar.

That chocolate bar may look tempting, but is it worth $9.  How about that mini jar of Pringles, a steal at only $10.  If you really want that bottle of beer be prepared to pay about $20.

It is very easy to add a significant amount to your hotel bill, so avoid the urge and you won’t get stuck with sticker shock when checking

Wear A Money Belt

When on vacation in a foreign country the majority of places and people prefer to deal in cash instead of credit.  Paying cash is also more economical that any exchange rate that your credit card company will ding you for.

Protect your cash by wearing a money belt.  Many tourist destinations have rampant pick pocket problems or just blatant grab and run issues.  It is smart to keep your money harder to reach and a money belt is harder to get than a purse or wallet.

Use A Money Exchange Rate App

If you are like me and after just arriving to a country a cold beer sounds very good.  I found out much later that I paid 10 times what the beer was being charged for because I had no idea of the exchange rate.

Whether you are on an Iphone or and Android phone, there are many free apps that can save you from what I have experienced.

Maps Are Your Friend

Getting lost is frustrating at the best of times.  It exponentially worse if you are in a country that speaks another, or many other, languages.  How do you ask someone for help if you cannot communicate.

Carry a map or have a map app installed on your phone.  It is better to take the time to find that great bar rather than end up in a seedy, dangerous area of town.

Carry A First Aid Kit

Accidents happen so be prepared. I take band-aids, antibacterial cream, and ointments for minor cuts and scrapes. You never know when you’re going to need it and you can’t always get it when you travel.

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