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How To Save Money On Your Home Insurance

October 17, 2017Posted at 12:38 pm in

With house prices now averaging over $1 million in Vancouver we are all looking at ways to save some money.   Here are some tips on how you can save money on your home insurance.  Remember that these are generic tips and may vary between insurance companies.

Save Money on HOme Insurance 1


Adjust Your Deductible

The standard amount for a deductible is $500, but an insurance company may offer discounts if you take a deductible that is higher.  If you take a deductible of $1000 for example, the insurance company will offer a discount as it minimizes the chance of a small claim.

Be A Non Smoker

Some insurance companies will offer savings to non smokers as they feel that they are less likely to have a fire claim.  If you recently quit then it may be worth it to mention to your agent.

House is Paid Off

Nothing is better than not having a mortgage to pay each month.  Insurance companies feel the same way and may provide a discount.

Payment Terms

Your premiums are often subject to financing or administration fees if you pay on a monthly basis.  If you can afford then pay annually and you will see savings on these fees.

New Home

If your home is new, most insurance companies will offer a discount.  Ask about this type of discount.

Keeping Home Up To Date

You can earn extra savings if you keep your home up to date.  A new hot water tank, roof and furnace are all items that could mean a rate reduction for you.

Home Alarm

A functioning alarm not only will help keep your house safe, but if it can also save you money.  Some companies will provide a discount if you have one, and even a larger discount if your alarm is monitored.


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